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Is it normal not to get a report in reeeption class ?

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LilyLoo · 27/03/2007 21:02

Was just wondering as i have couple of friends who have had two reports from there class. We have had two parents evenings but no reports. Does it just depend on school ?

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princesscc · 27/03/2007 21:03

Generally get reports once a year, here. Usually , end of school year.

raspberryberet · 27/03/2007 21:04

Our school gives reports for reception - but only at the end of the year.

cece · 27/03/2007 21:04

Written reports are once a year usually June/July time.

confusedandignorant · 28/03/2007 08:55

reception may also do a spider web diagram for the areas of achievement, 13 areas each scored out of 9 covering areas from writing and reading to social skills such as going to toilet and washing hands independently (mainly an extension of the nursery early learning goals) or you might just get the scores in each area. Six points and above is what most children would be expected to get (depending on age etc)
Gives the year 1 teacher a picture of the child's ability and stage of development and for parents it is more objective than "is getting on fine"

LilyLoo · 28/03/2007 09:00

Thanks confused that would be really helpful to get just so i know how to help ds.

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confusedandignorant · 28/03/2007 09:14

DC got his last year with no explainations so nobody understood, one of the reading mums worked it out as she had a good idea as the couple of kids who got over 100 were the older, wiser ones

LilyLoo · 28/03/2007 09:15

Did this come at the end of summer term ?

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LIZS · 28/03/2007 09:18

We got a written one at the end of the year , basically following the Early Years Curriculum Goals format and a couple of paragraphs in summary.

coppertop · 28/03/2007 13:04

At ds1's school there are 3 parents evenings each year but only one written report. They are given out towards the end of the summer term but before the final parents evening so that any issues can be discussed.

pinkchampagne · 28/03/2007 13:07

In our school, the reception children only get a report at the end of the year, but have a parents evening when the rest of the school get their mid-year reports.

LilyLoo · 28/03/2007 14:19

Look like thats what will happen for us then thanks pink and everyone else .

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