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Sassafrass · 27/03/2007 18:20

This week I have my first parent evenings in a class I took over for a maternity cover 3 weeks ago and I'd love to have some opinions from parents as to what you would like to get out of a parent evening. I have 10 minutes for each parent (no time at all). I'd like to hear any stories about horrible parent evenings as well so I know what not to do =)

OP posts:
DimpledThighs · 27/03/2007 18:27

how they relate to others in the class - what their favourites are and what they do not like, things I could do at home to help, things I have a problem with, friendship groups, anything really.

Parenst usually ask loads.

I hate it when it is general sympathetic waffle, as long as they talk about me and my child I love it!!!

DimpledThighs · 27/03/2007 20:38

oh - thought you would have got more replies - mine was pretty useless in retrospect - hope it went well.

GhostOfMumsnet · 27/03/2007 20:41

tell the parents what you will be teaching next in maths and or language. give them pointers about how they can support the kids at home

Hathor · 27/03/2007 20:49

Tell them what the children are doing well in, what they are struggling with, and if so, what you teachers are doing about it. Show them some work the child has done, ask them if they have any questions. If there are any major concerns ask them if they would like a separate appointment to talk more. 10 minutes is no time at all.
Remember, some parents are scared of parent's evenings.

wheresthehamster · 27/03/2007 20:51

Make sure you are talking about THEIR child.

There is nothing worse as a parent to be given the run down on your child's achievements only to realise halfway through it is someone else with a similar name and the teach has got them muddled up!

MerlinsBeard · 27/03/2007 20:52

tell the truth but tactfully and follow negative with positive

Hathor · 27/03/2007 20:55

Oh yes - make sure it is their work too. Was once shown some lovely work by another child in the class.

PanicPants · 27/03/2007 20:56

I always start by asking parents if they have any worries or concerns about their child.

And be prepared to go off on a tangent when they start to tell you about their divorce/separation/problems with neighbours/health etc etc

NorksBride · 27/03/2007 20:57

I've only had 2 parents evenings - but I love the bits where the teacher goes all gushy about DD being good at something (art, enthusiasm, empathy to others etc).

Obviously we discuss how well she's doing in each area of development and where & how we need to help with this at home.

If the teacher talks about things DD has learnt at home (not school-led) or places she's visited with us etc, then I'm convinced that her teacher listens and interacts well with her and I'm a very happy bunny.

But you've only been in post for 3 weeks so don't expect too much of yourself!

Sassafrass · 27/03/2007 21:26

Thanks for all the good advice. I've done parent evenings before but in a different format with 20 minutes per child. And I must admit that I never thought of asking parents before what they actually wanted out of it. It's been an interesting read and I'll make good use of what all of you have said.

I especially hadnt thought of telling them what we'll be doing next term (doh) so will definately do that.

OP posts:
shimmy21 · 27/03/2007 21:32

One teacher who has taught both my boys always launches in to a long detailed account of what topics they are covering in history, geography, RE, bla bla bla but nothing personal about the child. It seems as if she's so nervous that the parent might ask a difficult question that she talks non- stop to prevent them.

shimmy21 · 27/03/2007 21:40

worst parent meeting was with a teacher who started haranging me and dh about how ds was not putting in the effort and had shown no evidence of his supposed ability before we had even reached the chairs and sat down.

best parent meeting was with the teacher who quoted parts of a lovely story ds had written, who repeated positive comments other teachers had made about him, who even enjoyed ds's jokes and seemed really interested in us as a family.

Funny thing was these meetings were about the same child on the same night with 2 different teachers.

newgirl · 28/03/2007 10:36

id add that some parents are nervous eg me for tonight!!

also if you are new to the class/parents id try to be confident and reassuring as they will all be checking you out!

good luck

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