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Does anyone have a child at Yateley Manor

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cushioncover · 27/03/2007 17:01

We're in the process of looking at schools for my boys. Our nearest state school is good but has large class sizes. So looking private too. We don't really know the area as we've just moved but this school has been recommended albeit by a woman who's children go elsewhere.

We're going to see if we can view it but I just wondered if anyone on here has personal experience of the school and what they can tell me.

DS1 is bright but a daydreamer so I guess I'm looking for firm but nurturing (if such a place exists)thanks

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scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 17:17

Hi, I know the school well but chose not to send dd there. I also know a little girl who has moved from there to my daughter's school as she was unhappy.

It is a lovely school - but very competitive ! Full of quite bouncy children - I think the quieter ones get overwhelmed a bit.

Your DS sound slike he might be a bit dreamy for Yateley - my dd is also a dreamer !

Where have you moved to ? I know the area pretty well so can give you some more school possibilities !

scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 17:22

Firm but nurturing is a good description of my dd's school !

If you want to chat off line feel free to contact me through the contact a mumsnetter tab at the top of the page !

cushioncover · 27/03/2007 17:26

Thank you scatterbrain. We're on the A30 between the towns of hartley witney and hook. I've been told theres one in hook and one in everly? (sp?) too. Do you know them? The woman who said it was a good school has daughters at an all girls school in fleet so thats no use to me.

Is your daughters school a mixed school? Is she happy. Its so difficult to decide when they're only three.

That's the sort of information I was looking for though so thank you

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pepperrabbit · 27/03/2007 17:31

Hello cushioncover. are you the Hampshire side of Yateley or the Surrey side? We're Hants so may be able to help, or I found this website that offers free guides called Gabbitas, though not tried them (have tried unsuccessfully to make that a lovey shiny link...)

cushioncover · 27/03/2007 17:33

hi pepperrabbit, hants,near hook.

OP posts:
pepperrabbit · 27/03/2007 17:35

x-posts while trying tp do silly link.
My brother went to The Grey House in Hartley Wintney & Stockton House in Fleet and on to the Salesian in Farnborough and he seems pretty normal, Lord Wandsworth is another recommended boys school but older than pre-prep.
I was unhappy at Yateley Manor though it was [ahem] some decades ago now! St Nicks - the girls school takes them up to 7 if that helps?

scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 17:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

cushioncover · 27/03/2007 17:39

Unfortunately the grey house is full for his year so obviously very popular but thanks.
Yes, I think st nicks is the fleet school. Dont want to go through it all again at seven though.
Crumbs! Yateley's looking bleak already. This is really useful,thanks

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 17:40

So when are we going to do lunch then ?

scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 17:40

What year is he is ?

cushioncover · 27/03/2007 17:47

Hi,yes he'll be four at Christmas so to start in eighteen months.

Yes that would be great when I'm no longer living out of boxes. Thanks I'lltry to do the CAT thingy.

OP posts:
cushioncover · 27/03/2007 17:49

Oh and I'll look at those schools you mentioned, scatterbrain. Your daughter's school sounds lovely (though I wouldn't want you tothink I was stalking you! )

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 17:50

Ho Ho - and I'm about to start packing !!!

Both Sherfield School and Daneshill have nurseries by the way. Sherfield even has a baby nursery just opened ! There's a website - sorry I've got to go home now - or I'd do you a link - but Google it and it'll come straight up ! Daneshill also has website - but not much on it !

The primary school in Hartley Wintney is also meant to be really good by the way !

pepperrabbit · 27/03/2007 18:04

Sherfield looks lovely, we were sent a brochure when it first opened and it did look fabulous - no idea about their education standards or ethos though!

scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 19:56

Sherfield is lovely - dd went for a taster day and I was very very impressed - it was just the leaping into the unknown for me that stopped me moving her there.

They have each class formulate it's own rules for behaviour and then they have to stick to them !

scatterbrain · 27/03/2007 19:59

Hi again,

Listen - I've just asked Mumsnet Towers to delete my post further down as it really does iedentify me if anyone was stalking me !!

Cushioncover I'll CAT you to give you the details again off line !!

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