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2 day exclusions for play fighting

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NuttyMuffins · 21/03/2007 13:18

Dd2 came home on monday and said that a boy in her class (yr2) had been excluded for 2 days for play fighting.

I wasn't sure if it was true but when we went into school on tuesday I saw the boy with his mum and she said yeah it was true, apparently it is a new rule.

Personally i think it is a bad idea. Her ds was really not bothered about missing 2 days of school so how is it a deterrant ??

The boy in question went back today, but yesterday another was excluded for the same thing, so now he is off for 2 days aswell.

OP posts:
MummyPenguin · 21/03/2007 13:21

Well, they're not going to have many kids (especially boys) left in class then are they? FGS. Then they bang on at you when your DC miss days for genuine reasons.

LilyLoo · 21/03/2007 13:21

omg how are they getting away with that ? IME it's a nightmare getting pupils excluded for serious incidents without them being overturned. Has she spoken to the governors ?

NuttyMuffins · 21/03/2007 13:41

Don't think either of the parents have taken it any further.

I would be furious if it was my child.

The first boy is in trouble alot and I wondered if he had also done something else, but Dd2 said that in assembly, the deputy head said to them all that any incidents of play fighting would mean a 2 day exclusion.

OP posts:
hippipotami · 21/03/2007 15:59

I suppose the difficulty may be distinguishing between play fighting and actual fighting.

Perhaps some children had been fighting but later told teachers they had just been play fighting as a way to get away with it.

But surely they could come up with a better punishment - my ds would love two days off school. He would however hate to miss playtime, so that as a punishment instead of exclusion from school would deter him!

frances5 · 22/03/2007 11:00

It seems a little harsh for year 2. I could understand it in secondary school. Little boys are forever fighting. Little girls are nasty and bitchy to each other and often damage each other emotionally more than the boys do. If little boys are going to suspended for play fighting then little girls who are bitchy should be suspended as well. However if this was done there be no children left in the classroom.

Surely it would be simpler to say to the boys that if you don't play nicely you lose your next break.

bigwuss · 22/03/2007 11:08

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 · 22/03/2007 11:09

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Message withdrawn

NuttyMuffins · 23/03/2007 10:31

Well someone is now going to challeneg the head about it as they want to exclude her ds for 2 days for kicking another child.

She said she has no problem with him being punished for kicking but exclusion is just mad, he is 6 yrs old and will just see it as a day off from school.

She said that if they insist on excluding him she will take it further.

He is the 3rd child in a week that thay have punished in this way.

OP posts:
frances5 · 23/03/2007 14:03

Good for that Mum. I hope that the LEA tell the head teacher to stop being so stupid.

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