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THRASS phonics system - is this going to help or confuse the hell out of my dyslexic son?

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filthymindedvixen · 15/03/2007 11:08

Just wondered, the teachers mentioned it to me at parents evening and it's synthetic phonics, right?
He can read beautifully but cannot spell. he is 9. Will trying to teach him yet another system be beneficial do you think, or confuse him even more? Is it too 'late'?
Any thoughts and anyone with experience of THRASS???
I'd love it to work, believe me...
Have googled it but I don't totally understand how it works.

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VioletBaudelaire · 15/03/2007 11:10

FMV, might be worth contacting Dyslexia Action to ask them what they think.

Katymac · 15/03/2007 11:17

Thrass has really helped my DD

She spell beautifully (I don't)

But she did THRASS at about 6

I like it (it has helped me spell....a bit)

singersgirl · 15/03/2007 11:21

Try asking here or here . These people are very knowledgeable about all types of phonic programmes.

filthymindedvixen · 15/03/2007 11:40

thank you (wasn't expecting replies so quickly. it's not exactly a ''I peed in my child's nappy' thread is it?

Good idea about DA, Violet, I need to make an appointment with them anyway (DS was assessed by them 2 years ago but we didn't go for their support as we felt things would be ok. Sadly, things haven't, sigh.)

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filthymindedvixen · 15/03/2007 18:47

bump for the evr so helpful and knowledgeable evening crowd too.....

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filthymindedvixen · 16/03/2007 20:02

. just in case there is anyone else who knows these things...

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frances5 · 17/03/2007 22:30

Prehaps this would suit him

You can view it on line to assess the suitablity before buying it. I have no idea what THRASS is like, but if it aimed at 6 year old your son might find it babyish. He might prefer a more adult programme.

Prehaps its worth asking him what he thinks.

filthymindedvixen · 18/03/2007 23:52

doesn'tmatter hwat he thinks, this is what they are going to introduce at his school...

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filthymindedvixen · 19/03/2007 16:32

bumping because I could do with some info if anyone can help before Thursday when I have his IEP meeting...

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glyn · 19/03/2007 18:55

As far as I know, Thrass is quite old and is not synthetic phonics.

I would suggest that you have your son assessed by Dyslexia Action ( formerly the Dylexia Institute )if you can possibly afford it.

If you want to meail me privately, I can give you more time , as I also work as an educational consultant.

filthymindedvixen · 19/03/2007 19:03

he has been assessed by them (2 years ago).
That's a very kind offer, are you sure? You sound like an extremely busy person...

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