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Anyone heard about admission to a Milton Keynes primary yet?

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Caroline76 · 07/03/2007 19:53

Hi, I am sure that we were meant to hear from on-line applications either today or yesterday. I haven't heard anything yet and the link that I used before to apply doesn't mention the results. Has anyone is the MK or Bucks area heard yet?

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MascaraOHara · 07/03/2007 19:56

nobody I know has heard yet.. although I though it was around easter time they were notifying. Iota will probably know

Iota · 07/03/2007 20:30

not me gov - ds2 started last Sept

JillJ72 · 08/03/2007 09:52

DS started school last September, vaguely recall we found out in early April (I think....).

Caroline76 · 09/03/2007 13:09

Thanks ladies,found an email on Thursday, and also a confirmation letter, he got in.

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