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They just do not get my sence of humour

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paros · 06/03/2007 20:53

My ds wonderful teacher has been off ill and various other teachers have been doing his class . Well last week I got a note in homework book saying please sign homework book . Ok fair enough . They get a table point if it is signed . Never one to miss out on table points (lol ) well in a silly mood I signed it for the next 6 weeks . I was chuckling as I was doing it . So this week I got a note saying please dont sign the homework book as we dont know wether you have seen the homework . I saw his teacher today and said I am so glad your back LOL . the thing is I am the most anally retentive mother about homework I even go back in if he has forgotton (sp)it . No piece has ever been missed in four years . His regular teacher would have laughed .

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