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Woking area primary school applications delayed??

7 replies

minko · 28/02/2007 09:31

Anyone heard anymore about this? We're due to here now really but no letter so far. I'm really nervous about it all and this ain't helping!!

OP posts:
SuperSaint · 28/02/2007 12:44

Minko, don't worry, I haven't got mine yet (we're in Walton). There's a message on the homepage of the Surrey website saying the letters are delayed. All letters should be reeived by 9 March but to call if you don't here by then.

It's so frustrating isn't it. Why say we'll hear by 28 Feb if they can't make the deadline?

SuperSaint · 28/02/2007 12:45

oops - received
and hear

I knew I should preview

chocolatebirdy · 28/02/2007 12:45

There is a notice up in dds playground saying that all letters from Guildford would be late!!

foxtrot · 28/02/2007 14:24

That's annoying, mind you they were late last year too because someone stuck second class stamps on instead of first class. I'm fairly relaxed as DS2 meets the admission criteria, but i really feel for those of you who are waiting anxiously

BuffysMum · 28/02/2007 14:31

whole of surrey delayed due to computer glitch.............

minko · 02/03/2007 13:19

I can't find the website which says anything about the delay. Can anyone point me in the right direction please...

OP posts:
foxtrot · 02/03/2007 13:21

here short and not very sweet

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