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What to expect - first parents evening- Reception

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mankyscotslass · 21/02/2007 11:48

It's our first proper parents evening next week, we have a 5 minute slot with our DS's teacher. We had a "meet the teacher" in october, but as he had only been at school 3 weeks it was a bit of a hello & have a look around.
So what should I expect? What questions to ask? Other than the obvious social skills ones? Any suggestions, please...we are total novices! It's seems to have flown past since he started school!


OP posts:
nailpolish · 21/02/2007 11:51

its just a chit chat about everything - they dont say "oh jonny cant write his name yet" or anything specific

its just to see whether they are settled, are preparing for P1 alright, etc

wotzsaname · 21/02/2007 11:52

chit chat, dont expect too much, i normally got feedback on how well they could draw picutres and sing!

Sometimes less is more at this stage.

Hulababy · 21/02/2007 11:54

We had a general chat about DD and how she had settled in, what she was enjoying and the things she had done. We saw her class books and some of her art work etc. Had feedback from her blalet and music teachers. All very positive and encouraging,

mankyscotslass · 21/02/2007 11:56

OOOh good, we like our teacher, DH is scared of the other reception class one! It will be nice to get a different perpective on ds...we think he is an angel of course

OP posts:
PussyWillow · 21/02/2007 13:55

With dd i went in armed with the Foundation Stage profile and talked about the bits she had not yet achieved and how we could help her.

With ds it will be much more about how he fits in emotionally and socially with the group, but also I will try to get the teacher to give him some moe challenging reading books (some hope - she has managed to avoid it for a term so far!)

I think it is also a chance to get to know one another so she has more understanding of the real issues when reading notes from you or talking to you generally, and how best to dela with them.

And a chance for her to say nice things about your dc and for you to have a wonderful 'proud mummy' moment! (or in my case a stunned 'is that really my dd she is talking about' moment )

mankyscotslass · 21/02/2007 14:18

thanks fot
r that...tbh i have the same concerns over his reading books....he is bored by them cos he just glances at them and reads them! But all the little hints i have been dropping in his planner have not really changed anything.....will see what she says face to face!!

OP posts:
Hulababy · 21/02/2007 16:10

I think the reading book think is very common. Instead of trying to get more books from school I instead supplement DD's reading with other books as well - so broadening her reading material and therefore making it more interesting for her. think the problem with the new books or more books sometimes comes from the teachers not having enough time to hear them all read for long enough/more frequently.

Anchovy · 21/02/2007 16:25

I am a veteran on 1 parent's evening in reception, with another due in a couple of weeks.

Its a good opportunity to have a nosey round the classroom and see what is up on the walls etc.

Also to find out what they actually do/what their policies are. For example there was a new girl in DS's class and her mum said that she was a bit concerned she wasn't making any "real" friends as she sat with different children all the time, and the teacher explained that she made the children sit in different fairly random groups to stop cliques forming, so she was very pleased there wasn't a problem there.

DS's school concentrates a lot on social skills in Reception and it was mostly about this. He is actually fine with these, but we talked about specific strategies - for example to ensure that he is listening to what he is being asked to do.

Academically DS is doing fine, but to be honest there was very little focus on that: we were told the maor focus on the first 2 terms was settling in and getting a solid groundwork in the basics in a fun way.

motherinferior · 21/02/2007 16:31

Er...DD1's lovely teacher showed us some of her work, and was nice about her. We smirked. Then we all went home smirking some more. It wasn't one of the more challenging academic encounters I've had. Very pleasant.

mankyscotslass · 21/02/2007 16:48

Thanks everyone! really wasn't so sure about it all, as it seems very acedemic in some respects and the kids get quite a lot of homework, but hopefully it will be more of a general chat about his development (she dosent know dh has taught him to play poker yet)...eeek what would she think of us!!

OP posts:
saadia · 21/02/2007 22:37

I went to ds1's first Parents' Evening (Reception) a few weeks ago and the teacher was very well prepared, telling us how he was doing with reading (fine, but needs to concentrate more on comprehension) maths (doing OK, needs to practice), general concentration, how he gets along with others etc. I found it very helpful and informative.

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