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So if your school was shut today- how did you sort out childcare ?

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KathG · 08/02/2007 18:22

Just wondered what others who had to work today had done? (I shared with another mum so we did 1/2 day work each!)

OP posts:
tenbygirl · 08/02/2007 18:23

Dd was off school today - but sick not due to closed school.

My mum stepped in (again) - dd has only managed a week of school since Xmas. I am going mad.

yossa · 08/02/2007 19:47

i was really lucky as another mum is on maternity leave and offered to have ds1. as i know that she will be in a similar position when she returns to work i know i will be able to repay the favour thenas i work opposite end of the week to her ds2 went to nursery but they closed at 4 to allow the staff to get home in daylight. dont blame them. at the end of the day the owner has a duty of care to her staff as much as to the parents. it also meant that i could make a decision to close up at work early to collect ds2 and let the members of my team who had struggled in get home before dark.

kath g what a brilliant idea - at least you both only felt half as guilty!! (must remember that one for future)

cat64 · 08/02/2007 20:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

coffeepot · 08/02/2007 20:07

Took the day of and went tobogonning!

Actually I didn't have much choice - our
village is only served by minor roads and
we couldn't get out early in the morning

It's only one day and they will only get snow like that two or three times in their
childhood (we had about 5 inches).

SparklePrincess · 08/02/2007 20:19

We had the day off & went sledging It was great fun.

dayofftomorrow · 08/02/2007 20:33

DH could work at home and couldn't get in to office I couldn't work at home but work locally

LindzDelirium · 09/02/2007 14:50

I pretended I hadn't heard the announcement and dropped her off with the Mum that normally takes her to school! How bad am I? Then I made DH come home at 2pm to look after her cos I really couldn't leave work, way too busy at the moment.Snow is a real inconvenience!

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