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<relieved sigh> I have finally filled in DD's Primary School application

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VeniVidiVickiQV · 23/01/2007 16:57

Its like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I was dithering about it because it seemed like such a huge decision . Not like me....

Tis done now though. Yay!

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FioFio · 23/01/2007 16:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Socci · 23/01/2007 16:59

Message withdrawn

Sheraz · 23/01/2007 17:02

Mine is in for DS2. Now just have to wait to see if he gets in ( out of catchment)/

VeniVidiVickiQV · 23/01/2007 17:06

Yes, this September

Im going to have to rejiggle childcare or change jobs when she does.

Socci - I would imagine you would need to apply from between October 2007 to 31st Jan 2008.

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LIZS · 23/01/2007 17:24

Socci , some time between this September and March usually , depends on your LEA timetable(see their website).

Socci · 23/01/2007 21:12

Message withdrawn

NorksBride · 23/01/2007 21:33

I didn't look at any schools and I filled in my form with only ONE choice. Am I mad, stupid or...

did my DD1 start Reception last September? This years application has been SOOOO easy!!! I'm applying under a lofty criteria 3 and I'm completely relaxed about DS1 getting a place. It feels good!

Good luck VVV & Sheraz - hope you get the schools you want!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 23/01/2007 23:05

I've only put down one choice

THe only other schools I liked that are close by are church schools and have separate forms with separate criteria for entry and I'm not about to start to go to church - i'd be too late now anyway, it has to be 12 months prior to her starting

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