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news letter PE kit threat

16 replies

bresha · 16/01/2007 16:17

failure to provide for a Childs needs, including there PE KIT, is deemed significant under the terms of the children?s act and taken seriously by social services as part of the child protection procedures.

soo, if i forget my dds PE kit social services will be called?
I have never forgotten dd1s PE kit so far
I have 2 dc and anther on the way, i am sure in all the years of going to school there is ahead of me there will be the odd time when i will forget or i can?t find it (dd1 has a knack of losing things)
now im worried
i really don?t think it was necessary to put that on the news letter

OP posts:
Piffle · 16/01/2007 16:19

FFS that's absurd

Tortington · 16/01/2007 16:19

like social services have nothing better to do than hunt down mothers who forget to supply a pe kit.

i would write a letter of complaint.

MrsBadger · 16/01/2007 16:20

sounds more like it was aimed at parents who haven't bought PE kit so the kids never get to do PE rather than people who forget occasionally...

Piffle · 16/01/2007 16:21

even given that it still is absurd

Tortington · 16/01/2007 16:22

i can't imagine that would be more than 7 children in the wole school who have mothers that regularly fail to provide a pe kit.

in those instances i would assume that if the school are worried there would be proceedures in place negating the need for an outright social services threat in the school newsletter.

Jessajam · 16/01/2007 16:22

Sounds like the newsletter is taking things somewhat out of context!!!

If a child turns up to school without lunch/PE kit/in a clearly dirty uniform on a daily basis then yes, perhaps something is 'up' family-wise.
The occassional kit forgotten in the mad rush to leave the house is hardly going to raise an eyebrow.


Bozza · 16/01/2007 16:24

At DS's school we are encouraged to just leave it there until half term/end of term which makes it easier. Bit I suppose as they get older and more of the PE lesson actually involves working up a sweat and less just getting changed then it will become rathe unpleasant to do this.

HEIFER · 16/01/2007 16:35

Sounds like the 'editor' of said newsletter is on a power trip....

bresha · 16/01/2007 16:41

I don?t know why it annoyed me so much,
They are making me feel like a bad parent when I know I have done nothing wrong

Yesterday I got a letter saying my Childs attendance falls below the national expectations of 95%
Her attendance was 94%
And now they wont my cooperation to achieve this target
She is in reception class and has only been there 2 terms FFS
4 days she had off sick, she caught impetigo, from the school might I add

OP posts:
Tortington · 16/01/2007 16:49

i get those letters - they are standard. nowt you can do with ill kids.

Tortington · 16/01/2007 16:51

i got a letter saying my childs academic ability in french was cause for concern.

i sent a letter back stating that i was not about to take responsability and i too am worried about his academic achievements in french but as he is taught it at school i consider it to be the schools responsability.

nogoes · 16/01/2007 16:52

I would write a letter of compaint too. Weird school!

bresha · 16/01/2007 17:05

am i really going to have to put up with this for the next god knows how many years?
you would think the best way to get co-operation would actually to be nice to the parents

OP posts:
kslatts · 16/01/2007 17:06

I would write a letter of complaint to the school.

We also have letter home about attendance, each half term they send a green letter for 95% attendance or above, an orange letter for between 85% and 94% and a red letter for below 84%. What do the school want you to do when your child is ill? send them in to spread their germs.

Aloha · 16/01/2007 17:15

My ds got sent home one afternoon by the school for feeling a bit poorly. Fine. Only a month later I got a letter demanding an explanation for his absence!
I think the letter you got Bresha is absolutely mad

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 16/01/2007 17:27

On standard info from my son's Kids club (a Saturday club for disabled children for which you have to be referred via a social worker but which we still pay for), it stated that if you are late to pick your child up and you emergency contacts are uncontactable, "we will have no choice but to consider that your child has been abandoned and will contact Social Services accordingly" !

I wrote them a strongly worded letter and stated that in all my years (14) as a parent and among all the different childcare/education established I had encountered, I had NEVER come across one that needed to "assume abandonment" and "threaten with social servcies" and could only assume that they were implying that because our children had special needs, we were more inclined to abandon them! I said that in the unlikely event that I was signifcantly late and they hadn't even heard from me then it was likely that some life-threatening catastrophe has ocured in which case threatening me with social services probably inappropriate and inapplicable! They responded that never in 34 years had anyone complained about the wording before but that they would reconsider it!

I think sometimes these Powers that Be (that are not really that powerful after all) get all ahead of themselves and over excited by their imagined "powers" (bit like the moderators on Babworld for instance )

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