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Shall we start a poll of really annoying things that other kids do to yours at school?

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sameshitdifferentyear · 03/01/2007 16:18

At the moment, my top irritation is kids pulling my DS's hoods off their duffell coats. They're the button on type, and before the Christmas break, every day they both came out with their hoods pulled off. They've gone back today, and same thing. I've sewed name labels in the coats, but I'm now going to have to sew name labels in the hoods because I know they're going to get lost. The other annoyance is my DD having her hair pulled out of it's ponytail by one particularly idiotic boy in her class. I send her in with hair neatly tied back, and she comes out looking like Catweasel. Grrr.

OP posts:
TinsellyRhino · 03/01/2007 16:19

some kids on her table take her pencils and then just will not give them back and it's impossible for the teacher to know whos pencil it really is so doesn't get soreted and dd gets really upset

jellyhead · 03/01/2007 16:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sameshitdifferentyear · 03/01/2007 16:23

Exactly, TinsellyRhino, it's just those really silly unnecessary things that really get your goat, isn't it?

OP posts:
Heavenis · 03/01/2007 16:24

Kids taking the wrong jumper home and parents not being bothered to return it even when it has your childs name in it.

Ds1 friend telling ds2 he's a bugger so that he repeats it.

unknownrebelbang · 03/01/2007 16:27

Just last night found a friend's son's jumper from before Christmas.

It isn't always a matter of not being bothered....more not being aware.

And of course, other than that, my children never ever do anything they shouldn't at school....ever, lol.

sameshitdifferentyear · 03/01/2007 16:27

Yes! The jumper thing too!

OP posts:
Sammy3 · 03/01/2007 18:01

I had that problem with the hood & never bought another coat with a detachable hood. I got sooooo fed up with sewing the stupid buttons back on that I gave up in the end & left the coat without a hood.

Twiglett · 03/01/2007 18:03

why don't you sew the hood onto the coat then?

mellowma · 03/01/2007 18:03

Message withdrawn

MummyPenguin · 03/01/2007 19:11

I'm not going to buy one again either, at least not until they're older (the boys, not the coats.) I don't think I could sew the hoods on, the duffel coats are really thick material.

formerly sameshitdifferentyear

MummyPenguin · 03/01/2007 19:12

Also they're poppers not buttons, so at least I don't have missing buttons. Still annoying though.

Blondilocks · 03/01/2007 19:23

Children asking DD why she wears glasses. Bearing in mind this is yr 4 & he mother wears them!!!! Am soo tempted to tell DD to tell this person that she must be really stupid if she doesn't know the answer to her question (person is a nasty so and so to several children) but bite my tongue!

RosaLuxembourg · 03/01/2007 22:19

Throwing sand in DD3's eyes. Same kid all the time. He has 'behavioural issues'. He did it in nursery last year and he has already done it again on first day of term.

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