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Live close to parents or close to work

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Sasaako · 15/12/2006 14:51

Hi mumsnetters, this is my first's quite long, I hope someone out there can help me: At the moment DH and I live very close to my parents in the very outskirts of London, I've been working full time now for 6 months (in central London) and dd has been going to nursery full time which she loves. She gets picked up every day by my mum which means she doesn't have to spend the full day there (they're open 7-7!) However DH and I are looking to buy our first home (currently renting) and I've always had a thing for living in more central areas of London - I'm talking zone 3 type areas not too central. I think this would be good for getting to and from work quicker as we currently commute for an hour each way. The thing is, if we do move to the more central areas near some of the more popular (and competitive) primary schools in London, that would mean losing the help of my mother on a day to day basis. So I'm hoping someone can advise me, perhaps from personal experience on what I should do. Do I move to more central trendy parts of town that suit my person lifestyle aspirations i.e. Victorian properties, popular schools, local cafe's bars etc. and only 25 mins to work or do I stay in a lovely but boring part of suburbia (where there are no period properties I might add) just to be close to my parents for the support. This may sound stupid, but I'm really stuck. I put it down to the fact that I grew up just outside London and always longed to be in London. Haven?t quite gotten over that.

OP posts:
2boysmacca · 15/12/2006 17:43

We moved out of London (zone 2) for better family support!! London was my home for nearly 18 years and I loved every minute, until we had kids. Without the network of friends and family it is very, very, very hard, especially if you're used to it. There's no guarantee you'd even get a school place either!!!

foxtrottothefestivegrotto · 15/12/2006 17:47

A tricky one. Don't underestimate the value of having family on your doorstep. I find my MIL invaluable, for the odd hour of babysitting or picking up from school in an emergency (i don't work but plans do go awry sometimes). Our town wouldn't have been my first choice but it has turned out to be a pleasant place to live - good primary schools, nice people, decent transport links etc. Priorites change when you have children, in my experience and you should try and make day to day life as easy as possible. You can always go shopping/for coffee etc at weekends in the trendier places.
Just being nosey, where are you at the moment?

Sasaako · 16/12/2006 23:43

Hi foxtrottothefestivegrotto
Hello 2boysmacca

Thank you so much for the advice. I kind of knew really but being in my very late twenties and trying to cling onto some kind of youth before I turn 30, I think I was kidding myself a little. But you're both right. I shouldn't take for granted the help I get and yes, I can always make trips to other parts of town on my weekend. I think we'll stay put!

OP posts:
Hideehi · 17/12/2006 14:17

You can move back to central London when the kids are at University, I am not in the place I want to be in because of DH's job but we are stuck here for the foreseeable future and i'm making the best of it.

SnafuOutOfHiding · 17/12/2006 14:34

Hi Sasaako. I'm in exactly the same boat as you - or will be in a while at least. I also live in the suburbs and long to be back in 'proper' London, but it would mean losing out on the enormous amounts of help that my parents give me with ds.

Even though where I live is a 'nice' area (with really good schools, not to be underestimated) I find it dull, dull, dull. There's not even a pub within walking distance, let alone cafes, shops or entertainment of any sort! It sounds silly and perhaps a little shallow but I miss the hustle and bustle of London terribly, so much to do and see, so much more interesting. It's not 'me' to be living here in the boring old suburbs

However, I've decided that for the meantime I'll grin and bear it. Family support is really invaluable (especially when the kids are younger, imo) and London isn't going anywhere! It's way more important in the long run for ds to be looked after by his family than for me to be able to drink proper espresso But I'll get back there some day...

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