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How much money does your PTA raise each year?

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fridayschild · 23/11/2006 22:14

DS1 has come home from school with a letter saying last year the PTA raised £28,000 or so, looking forward to the Christmas Fair etc. This seems like an awful lot of money for a one form entry school to me, am I being naive? Or are they all like this?

OP posts:
hana · 23/11/2006 22:15

that seems like an incredible amount!
do you use the school grounds for parking on weekends for events or things like that?

flack · 23/11/2006 22:16

WOW. Our PTA raises about £8000 per annum, and apparently that's extremely good compared to other local primary schools. We're working on a building fund.

Posey · 23/11/2006 22:19

Thats huge.
Ours has recently got much bigger and better yet we still wouldn't make much more than £5000 or £6,000.

fridayschild · 23/11/2006 22:25

No, no parking. Either the streets are too narrow, or the 4x4s are all too wide. I think that might include some cash from estate agents sponsoring things.

OP posts:
Tinkerbel5 · 28/11/2006 20:12

the PTA held a christmas bazaar at DD's (YR1) school on Saturday and they raised £3,000 which I thought was fantastic

Jimjams2 · 28/11/2006 20:15

ds1's school raises betwen twenty five and thirty thousand each year- there are around 100 pupils in the school, I was pretty amazed. They spend the money on refurbishing the hydro pool etc.

No idea how much ds2's raises, but I'd be surprised if it was anywhere near the amount of ds1's.

KBear · 28/11/2006 20:30

I think about £5000 pa but I'm not sure.

Would love to know how they raised that much - we are a 4 form entry infant school - 450 kids on roll.

yorkiegirlsnextsanta · 28/11/2006 20:50

Sorry haven't changed name from the Xmas thread!

Our one form entry school raises that amount each year too. Well off area, supportive parents who are involved in school, parent with enough influence in their jobs to get sponsorship and freebies so very few costs to put on events. ARound £7k comes from Bonfire night, £4k from the Xmas Fair, similar amount from the annual ball, and around £15k is raised at the summer fete.

Fridayschild your school could be mine 4x4 and narrow streets here too! You're not in Surrey are you?

fridayschild · 28/11/2006 20:59

we are in Barnes, in SW London

which is nearly Surrey, and has Far Too Many Estate Agents. As well as 4x4s. Seriously I have now discovered there is one agency who gives 10% of their commission to the school if you instruct them on a sale or letting. At London prices that really does add up!

OP posts:
Jimjams2 · 28/11/2006 21:33

blimey, wish we had access to that! ds1's school is in a poor area (although being an SLD/PMLD school mixed intake- disabilities don't follow postcodes!).

Jimjams2 · 28/11/2006 21:34

poor area sounds quite patronoising! Not meant to, but is not in a wealthy area at all.

singersgirl · 28/11/2006 22:26

That does sound good! Is the school the one near the green? My boys are at a 2 form entry school near you and we raised £25,000 last term alone to refit the school kitchen. The Christmas and Summer Fairs each raise about £8,000, and there were extra fundraising pushes last year for the kitchen.

Mae1 · 29/11/2006 12:31

How does your schools raise so much money from Christmas & summer fairs? We had ours on Friday and took £1630 - we expect the total profit to be around £1500 once expenses have been taken. We will hopefully get some company matching funds on top of this.
Would love to know the secrets to all your success stories though.
Last year in total the "Friends of" raised £3200 - so far this year (since Sept) we're approaching £5000.

Jimjams2 · 29/11/2006 12:35

I honestly don't know how they raise the money. The children who attend the school are very disabled so the parents cannot put loads of time into fundraising, and it is not in a wealthy area. The school takes children from 3-19 and becomes almost an extension of the family I think, so I wonder whether people remain very loyal even after leaving. We had a collection at my grandmother's funeral for the school PTA- made quite a bit - maybe the loyalty leads to that sort of thing. Otherwise rafffle tickets, some sponsored stuff each year, etc. Nothing too swish. The people running the PTA are very dedicated though.

Bugsy2 · 29/11/2006 13:21

Our PTA raises over £25,000 a year. This year the summer fair alone made £13,500. We are talking well-heeled SW London though, so I'm not surprised.

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