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dont think i'm crazy!

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hippmummy · 16/11/2006 11:30

My DS1 is 3.3 and have just received a letter from county council about applying for school place in 2007.
For some reason (totally out of the blue) it made me feel really emotional and I cried!
It's not like he's with me all the time - he goes to pre-school 3 days a week.
Did anyone else feel like this? Would love to hear from mums of reception kids whose babes love school.

OP posts:
hovely · 16/11/2006 12:08

every day for the first 2 weeks I cried
but DD didn't
she was shy but is now very happy, has made friends, runs in in the mornings.
now they have introduced a 'gold cup award' winners assembly every week, and all the mums are blubbing again at the sight of their proud little faces!

mogs0 · 16/11/2006 17:52

My son started playgroup 2 mornings a week one month after his 2nd birthday!! He then went to school nursery 5 afternoons a week and I was absolutely fine.
He started reception this September and for the last couple of weeks of the holidays I was really anxious about it. He wasn't bothered and was looking forward to starting.
However we have had a couple of problems with him being tired and the school not being flexible with the settling in period. It seems that it doesn't matter that he only turned 4 in August, he's expected to be there 5 full days a week or not at all!!! But that's another story!!
I'm sure you'll feel sad and that's perfectly ok!!

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