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Catchment areas- West Dulwich primary schools

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bdiddy · 07/11/2006 14:01

Anyone know roughly what the catchment areas are for
Rosendale Primary, SE21 or Dulwich Hamlet Junior are? I want to know whether we can dream on about getting our little boy into either of them- we live on South Croxted Rd.............
Any advice greatfully received!!

OP posts:
daysoftheweek · 07/11/2006 16:14

Completely useless response here sorry but Wandsworths brochure for this year includes the distance you need to live from each school to get in and the number of appeals/number successful etc. Very interesting reading. There is one school where only 12 locals got in (I'm presuming it is badly phrased and the rest were out of area sibs etc!)
Good luck!

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