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Questions about sending Ds to different schoold to Dd's ??

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nutcracker · 16/10/2006 18:32

Ds is due to start school next September, if I got him into a different school to the dd's, would I then be able to put their names down to move to that school too ??

It would mean getting dd1 into year 5 and dd2 into year 3.

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nutcracker · 16/10/2006 18:43

Blimey, I can't even spell SCHOOL now.

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nutcracker · 16/10/2006 18:51


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nutcracker · 16/10/2006 18:59


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321 · 16/10/2006 19:10

Yes, I don't see any reason why you couldn't ask to put them on a waiting list now, although no guarantee places will become available.

annh · 16/10/2006 19:10

Why not ask the school? Many schools do have a sibling priority policy but I think it is usually meant to work the other way round i.e. that your younger children will get priority when they are applying for entry to reception. However, even if they do have priority for your dd's you are still dependant on them actually having some spaces available in those year groups, which is not guaranteed.

nutcracker · 16/10/2006 19:14

Yep i see what you mean. It is just sohing I am considering at the moment. The school the dd's are at has started to go a bit downhill in the past 2 years and I thought this may be a good oppurtunity to move them all.

Nearest school is a Catholic school, it is literally on the doorstep, but we are not catholic. I would be happy for them to go there but I don't think we'd stand a chance.

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