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DD doesn't want school dinners

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MumtoLaura · 09/10/2006 13:47

DD (in reception) likes the school dinners (which are healthy), and I would like her to continue to have dinners, but she wants sandwiches because a lot of her friends have sandwiches. It seems like those that have sandwiches and those who have school dinners are treated as seperate groups when playing out after lunch (can play on different equipment). Because those who eat sandwiches finish before those who have school dinners. This is all from DD so I'm not as clear about this as I would like, but I have a parents evening this week when I will talk to the teacher about it, and I just wondered how the sandwich / dinner split is dealt with at other schools?

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JoPG · 09/10/2006 14:24

At our school the 2 groups sit separately for lunch, but they are not divided once they are in the playground. Can't really understand why they would need to be?

MumtoLaura · 09/10/2006 16:29

It may be that the playground is so big (it's a three class intake school) that she can't find her friends when she has finished her dinner. I'll find out more from her teacher.

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TheUnholyTrinity · 09/10/2006 16:31

in dd's school you can choose from one day to the next whether to have packed lunch or school lunch

can you do that, then you caould strike a compromise and say she can have packed once or twice a week

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