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busybusymum · 06/10/2006 10:21


Has your child's school ever had a Circus Workshop day? If so would you recommend it and can you remember the company your school used?


OP posts:
Hermit · 06/10/2006 11:34

I have organised a Circus workshop day for Year 7, and for adults. We used Julian the Juggler from Circus Unlimited - thoroughly recommend for all age groups - it's brilliant! If you google either name you will get contact details and examples of what they do.

portonovo · 06/10/2006 11:59

Our school does this every year or two with these people -

They are absolutely brilliant. Very friendly, funny and professional.

They will work it in various ways, either just one day or coming in every day to work with various classes, then on the final day they deck the hall out as a big top and the children put on a show for parents, complete with jugglers, stilt walkers and much more!

They always get parents to help out in the workshops, I love it.

julienetmum · 07/10/2006 23:21

Guess it depends on where you are based busybusy.

BTW are you arewethereyet? as she has asked the same question on napm.

busybusymum · 08/10/2006 17:36

Are you on there too then? Yes I am on there but only post occasionally now as we have a warped person at our dance school who reports everything back to our principal with the aim to cause trouble.

Nice lady, not!!!!

There are some lovely peeps on there who are very good for advice

OP posts:
julienetmum · 08/10/2006 21:51

Yes I am on napm , I like to find out what is going on and I can report any interesting auditions back to dh's students. What on earth is what you talk about there to do with the dance school principal I know there were a few agency tell tales too a while back.

One of our parents was on there once (family now moved abroad) but I never took any notice of anything she said. The only incident I did report was the notorious child pretending to be 16 and putting on a film involving nudity one. I know people who know her in real life.

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