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School playground is so turning me into Hyacinth Bucket....

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FluffyCharlotteCorday · 27/09/2006 15:16

Other parents I have judged today:

  1. The one who is so friendly and nice, but parks on a double yellow line near the school every single morning

2. The one who brings her dog into the school playground

3. The ones who stand around outside the entrance smoking so other parents have to walk through the smoke cloud

4. The piece de resistance today: the father who stood outside drinking a can of Stella Artois. Classy.

I just can't help it, I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. And d'you know, I think Mumsnet has made me worse!
OP posts:
milward · 27/09/2006 15:18

or what about a parent saying her dog craps in the grass so it's not on the pavement!!

yeahinaminute · 27/09/2006 15:21

Well at least it wasn't a can of Tennants Extra !!

I mean apparantly it is "reassuringly expensive"

waterfalls · 27/09/2006 15:22

ds school is full of parents talking about who said what and whose head they are going to smash in, I feel like saying, grow up you idiotic people you are parents ffs, but then it would be head they are going to smash in.

Joolstoo · 27/09/2006 15:22

let he is without sin and all that

waterfalls · 27/09/2006 15:22

be my head...............I missed of 'my'

FluffyCharlotteCorday · 27/09/2006 15:54

LOL yeahinaminute, I did think that, what, is he trying to impress everyone or something, thinking drinking expensive beer while waiting for child to come out of school is somehow classier than drinking a cheaper brand?

I'm sure he thought I fancied him and was impressed because I couldn't help staring at him in a sort of fascinated disbelief...

OP posts:
AngelaChill · 27/09/2006 16:43

At our incredibly middle class school, we have one woman who's just been sacked for stealing and one who has just run off with a man she met online, I've led a very shettlered life

Naughtynoonoo · 27/09/2006 16:49

WHat about the one who has had her fake boobies made even bigger. She is sooo top heavy she is gonna topple over at any moment.

Medulla · 27/09/2006 17:03

oooh I can't wait until DD starts school - the scandal!

FluffyCharlotteCorday · 27/09/2006 20:59

LOL at the booby-woman. My au-pair once asked me: "why all English women have tattoos?" I pointed out that I didn't, actually, but she said, "yes but all other mothers at school playground"

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