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I need Cheering up

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MadameButterfly · 19/09/2006 09:40

DD started school on 7th September and has been great about it. Yesterday when I took her, she said bye to me before she was in the classroom.

Today, I hung up her bag, gave her her water bottle and book and saw her into the classroom. She got her name and put it on the board before giving me a love and saying "see you tonight mummy" . No problem there you might think, but when I left the class, she came out after me and turned into a limpet and was crying. I took her back into the class and the teaching assistant took her to get a book.

I managed to hold myself together on the way home, but now can't stop crying. I know she will be alright, but this is the first time she has done this since starting.

Thanks for reading.

OP posts:
HuwEdwards · 19/09/2006 09:43

ahhh bless - a temporary wobble I'm sure. She needs to see you being positive though, so chin up gel!

foxinsocks · 19/09/2006 09:44

awwww it is awful!!

we have all been there so don't feel that you're the only mother who cries when their little one wobbles at school!

I bet about 2 minutes after you left she had calmed down and was perfectly happy while you will no doubt feel crap until you pick her up !

cadbury · 19/09/2006 09:46

Oh Madame - it's rotten when they do this. She's probably just having a wobbly few minutes and will be absolutely fine by now, playing and having fun. I've always thought that starting school is far more stressful and emotional for the parents than it is for the kids. Treat yourself to something nice to make yourself feel a bt better.

ledodgyrobespierre · 19/09/2006 09:50

If it's any consolation I know a teacher who told me a little girl used to cry hysterically when she first got into school but was absoloutley fine the minute her mum left. One day my friend saw the mum was visibly upset and went out to look for her, the mum was in tears in her car so my friend took her to a window where the class couldn't see her and she could see her daughter happily getting on with stuff in the classroom the mum couldn't believe it and thought she'd been upset for hours everyday! She'll be fine honesly.

Blu · 19/09/2006 09:54

MB - ds did this on and off, and still does it now in Yr1. They get all confident and enthusiastic about one bit of the process, and then relaise that Mummy is going, but I think they recover just as quickly. Once DS had actually settled into the daytime routine, i fund that lingering and going into the classroom actually increased his clinguiness, and interfered with him getting into chatting with other children etc. So once the motivation of 'the bell' carries him swooping into the classroom, i try not to put myself back in the picture, iyswim.

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