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DS has poor concentration. Need help as to how we can improve it please...

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Maddison · 07/09/2006 16:03

DS1 is 5.7 and just started Y1 on Tuesday.

After school today his teacher wanted a word with me, she said it was nothing major but he needs to improve his concentration. He is on a table with children of a similar ability, but whereas the other children have done maybe 10 of the things she has asked them to do, DS1 has only done 2. This particularly applies to written work. His pencil control is still weak and he just isn't interested in it. She also said when the children are on the carpet for stories etc, he seems to drift off in a daydream.

His teacher said he is very bright and knows he understands what she wants him to do as when she asks him for an example he can do it. She wants to move him up to the next table but until his concentration improves she can't do this.

So any suggestions on what we can do?? I've got to go out now but will be back later. TIA

OP posts:
Glassofwine · 07/09/2006 16:10

My DD1 is 7 and sounds very similar - I've posted about it before. There is an organisation called DORE who do something with exercise that is supposed to help with concentration - it costs a total of £2000 for a year, they have a website. I'm trying brain gym with my dd on a one to one basis, but dd not impressed.

Also there are diet related things, fish oils may help and also iron deficiency can result in low concentration (i'm trying dd on spatone). In general a diet high in sugar and junk will cause concentraton problems.

Did the teacher have any suggestions?

expatinscotland · 07/09/2006 16:13

Fish oils.

Piffle · 07/09/2006 16:16

omega 3 and 6 /fish oils

Maddison · 07/09/2006 21:32

Thanks for that, I didn't even think of trying fish oils.

Teacher didn't come up with any suggestions, so I'll go to Boots tomorrow.

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 07/09/2006 21:35

Cut down drastically on TV / videos if he watches them. TV is a notorious underminer of concentration spans.

crazydazy · 07/09/2006 21:36

I bought some fish oil "chewies", DS had one and was almost sick. If I put it in a drink I wonder if he would taste it?

FrannyandZooey · 07/09/2006 21:37

You can get vegetarian Omega oils and they are pleasant tasting IMO. I put them in yogurt or a smoothie for ds.

southeastastra · 07/09/2006 21:40

i've got it in a liquid you can just add it to juice or whatever drink they like, although my son is 5 and naturally can't sit still for long

grumpyfrumpy · 07/09/2006 21:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hallgerda · 07/09/2006 22:02

Maddison, does your son have concentration problems at home or is it just a school issue? Is the teacher saying anything directly to your son about needing to concentrate and work faster. If not, he may think he's doing fine and not see the point in doing 10 questions where 2 appears to satisfy the teacher.

threebob · 07/09/2006 22:08

Drifting off into a daydream at carpet time could mean her carpet times are not very interesting.

But I would try omega oils - we use flax seed oil as the fish ones all seem to have zillions of ingredients to disguise the taste.

juuule · 07/09/2006 23:30

Brought back memories of when we had stories when I was 5. We would put our heads on our arms on our desks and listen to the story. Quite a few times I would nod off. It was lovely and I've never forgotten it. It was never raised as a problem with my parents or at least they never mentioned it. But then I suppose that was a loooong time ago.......when there were no sats.....etc.....etc....

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