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when she comes back from school what do I do?

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Mercedes · 04/09/2006 13:49

My dd's starting school tomorrow and I'm not sure how tired reception kids get,how active I should be with her or even how hungry is she likely to be?
What sort of routine is good?
Snack or early dinner?
All tips from experienced parents greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
Blu · 04/09/2006 13:53

Congratulations - I hope it goes really well.
DS was very tired, thirsty and hungry when he first came home from school and I used to meet him with a drink and a snack. And let him do very low key activities at home - he didn't have much energy for anyhting but watching tv, tbh. Also, they don't seem to talk about it all 'to order'. I never got anything by questioning - but if I wait for him to tell me in his own time, it all comes out.

Dior · 04/09/2006 13:55

Message withdrawn

Dior · 04/09/2006 13:55

Message withdrawn

Twiglett · 04/09/2006 13:56

depends on the child

DS never got tired .. but other kids needed a nap .. other kids also got more tired as week progressed

a snack is always good ... DS was ravenous enough for a sandwich

Let her relax and chill out

Do playdates ...

Mercedes · 04/09/2006 14:54

This might sound mad but what is a play date and how do you organise one?
Cos I work I wonder if we've missed out on a whole world?

OP posts:
Tommy · 04/09/2006 15:00

DS1 started today - just the morning - and has been a right PITA since he got back!!

Tommy · 04/09/2006 15:01

think he's tired

A play date is just saying to another mum - would you like to come round after school one day? then the mums can chat and have a cup of tea and the chidlren can play. Easy

MrsBigD · 04/09/2006 15:18

Mercedes, dd is starting reception on Thursday but only 1/2 days for the rest of September and full day as of October. Have been wondering the same as in how tired she will be because when she's tired she's a right little madam... or is that madman?

Hope all goes well

LIZS · 04/09/2006 15:26

dd was tired for the first week or so of full days then ok . We have a 20 minute drive home so haven't really done the play dates as we already have to wait around for ds and she won't go with anyone else. Otherwise she just veges out after school, plays or has tv, has a snack , has dinner, we do her reading then bed.

Dior · 04/09/2006 20:49

Message withdrawn

Mercy · 04/09/2006 20:59

When they start full days they can be really tired, especially after a week or two. I remember dd going to bed a few times at about 6 - 6.30. For the first time ever I had to wake her up in the morning - and it carried on throughout most of the year. I expect something similar to happen as she goes into Year1 on Wednesday.

(was it HappyDaddy's dd that went to bed at 4.30 and didn't wake up until 6.30?)

Usually ravenous when they get home and just want to veg out in front of the tv. Snack, earlyish dinner and bed.

I would avoid having friends over for the first term tbh (hate the term playdates).

kid · 05/09/2006 20:36

DS went back to nursery full-time today, he was very tired and very miserable when I picked him up. He did manage to stay awake for dinner and a bath and went to bed half an hour earlier than last night.
IIRC, he will be like this for at least 2 weeks

curlew · 05/09/2006 21:12

They are all different (sorry - I think I say that on every thread I join!) My dd used to come out of school bursting with energy, desperate to rush around the park, go swimming, anything big and physical. Ds was fit for nothing except sitting on my lap sucking his thumb and taking a little light nourishment! Incidentally, if you do have a tired one, consider keeping him/her home on the occasional Friday. The school shouldn't mind - and boo sucks to them if they do - and it will help them survive to the end of term.

Mercedes · 05/09/2006 23:49

Well, she had her first day and survived - altho she was dressed at 7.30 and we only live 5 mins from the school. After school she just wanted to lie on the couch but I think she was mentally tired rather than physically. She goes in tomorrow till 1.30 and thereafter it's a full day so I'll see how she goes.

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