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A question about labelling

21 replies

Thomcat · 02/09/2006 21:38

a- do you really label socks? I mean - really?????

b- my ready printed sew in tags still haven't arrived. My fault, ordered a bit late. Reason for blind panic or not?????

OP posts:
MoreTeaAnyone · 02/09/2006 21:40

I didn't label socks. If the tags don't arrive could you use a premanent marker in a small corner somewhere?

LIZS · 02/09/2006 21:42

Yes I have ! They all look the same otherwise when they change shoes for pe !!

Thomcat · 02/09/2006 21:48


So what - you sew a tay wear on the sock??? I'm not gown up enough or responsible enough to have a child that is going to school, I have a bad feeling about this and it's all the fault of labels.

I could permanent mark her t-shirts, but socks???????????

OP posts:
MoreTeaAnyone · 02/09/2006 21:49

Take a small piece of coloured thread and sew it into the toe or heal.

marthamoo · 02/09/2006 21:52

Deep breaths, TC.

Yes,I did sew name tapes into ds1's socks when he started in reception.

I have never done it since, and have not done it for ds2 (who is starting next week - is Lottie?)

OK, so they lose a sock or two. So what. Get plenty of spares. Life is too short to sew name tapes in socks.

If you can get Lottie to put her socks in her shoes when she takes them off then that's cool - but I doubt ds2 will and I'm not sweating the small stuff here

marthamoo · 02/09/2006 21:53

TC, wait til Lottie is in double figures. I swear I am not grown up enough to have an almost 10 year old and, yet, that's what ds1 is. Secondary school next...

Ellbell · 02/09/2006 22:12

I religiously sewed name tabs in everything when dd1 started reception. Haven't used a name tab since. Mostly dd1 managed to come home in her own clothes. When she doesn't, I wash the offending item and sheepishly hand it back to the teacher. Would never ever have considered naming socks. Life's too short, FFS! Have no intention of putting name tags in anything for dd2, except perhaps coat. Will write name on bags and things, but that's that. Chill, honey!

(However, it is possible that I am just a crap mum and am about to be jumped on for belittling the importance of labelling ... or something. )

KristinaM · 02/09/2006 22:16

buy iron on name tags. much easier

Ellbell · 02/09/2006 22:18

Only if you do ironing, though, lol... Needless to say, I don't do much in the way of ironing either (and tend to ruin the things I do attempt to iron). I think I need to go to housekeeping school or have that Anthea Turner let loose on me!

rustybear · 02/09/2006 22:19

Children don't read socks.
I put tags in at first - got a variety of named & unamed socks back, stopped bothering.

hoxtonchick · 02/09/2006 22:21

oh god, i've bought the tapes, had them for ages, bought most of ds's uniform too. but it's only just occurred to me i'm going to have to actually join the 2 up. before thursday. heeeeeeeeellllllpppppp.

rustybear · 02/09/2006 22:22

But as a support staff I would say do name jumpers - they're the things that get taken off in odd places & left about -e.g. used as goalposts - we collected 16 from the field after lunch one day

fattiemumma · 02/09/2006 22:22

dont need labels for DS as he has a 1:1 and as he cant dress himself his stiff is always put back on correctly.

dreading DD going to school though...she seems to think its ok to just stip off and put everyone elses clothes on.

and no, i am SOO not mature enough to have kids

cazzybabs · 02/09/2006 22:25

Dh is sitting on the bed sewing because I am going on "OU work" - he he he! He has labelled socks/tights etc!

Thomcat - I am sure they aren't going to chage them for a few weeks anyway - can you just write in things Lottie is likely to take off - like jumpers/coats etc! Dh says label anything you would mind losing.

Ellbell · 02/09/2006 22:26

I put a bit 'M' (dd's initial) in jumpers, rustybear, but she tends not to bring home other people's, just to leave them lying about (mostly because her school is overheated). Sixteen is a good crop, though!

Twiglett · 02/09/2006 22:27

go to sainsbury's and buy a fabric pen

write lottie's name on anything that comes with a label

anything that doesn't come with a label don't worry about

sew-in labels are unnecessary

cazzybabs · 02/09/2006 22:27

BTW as a teacher I know what a nightmare it is to get children to identify things - are these your shoes?
Are you sure?
Yes - they are not mine!
But everyone else has got their shoes on. Everyone else can you look at your shoes and check you have your shoes on. Right - so these might be your shoes.
Oh etc etc!

AngelaChill · 02/09/2006 23:18

I have labelled everything knickers, socks, hairbands. I maybe a tight git, but with three kids if they all loose something every week it'll cost me a fortune !
I bought the iron on ones though for bits and pieces and have bought sew on ones for coats etc with just their surname on it so I can hand it down to the next child without re doing the label.

Thomcat · 03/09/2006 00:06

Wohoooooo! Thank the lord. So pleased that you didn't all tell me I must label socks. I'm just not that sort of a girl you know, but am tryingto learn how to be a mum!

OP posts:
SueW · 03/09/2006 00:15

I use easy2name iron ons to label DD's socks. I iron them on to the soles of her socks.

I don't do any other ironing - well v little because I use my hard-earned cash to pay someone more than I earn per hour to do it for me whilst I do something I enjoy doing to earn money - so this is a small price to pay for stuff not going missing!

LIZS · 03/09/2006 08:27

I stitch them into a loop just inside the cuff ! Others iron on under the foot. Trouble is everyone buys the same 5 pack of M and S socks so the only way to get instant pairing is with a visual thing. It needn't be a name tag , could just be a red marker dot if you're not fussed about losing them , but it helps the kids match them up. At least if you buy a bumper pack the same you can still use the odd one !

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