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Does everyone go to workshops at their kids schools before they start?

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Thomcat · 01/09/2006 20:52

It's not just becasue Lottie has special needs, although we've been invited to go every day if we want not just one day.

But all the parents of kids about to start have been invited along, without kids, to spend 1.5hours going through exactly what their child will be doing. We've already had a parents meeting going over the general stuff, security, PE, sylabus, that sort of thing. As I understand it this is to sort of walk in their shoes for a few hours as it were.

Then we are invited back again in the afdternoon but this time with your child.

As Lottie has special needs we've been invited to take her in every afernoon to these workshops.

She then starts, afternoons only, same as everyone else, for 2 weeks then it's into the full day.

The teachers also went to visit her at her preschool in July and today we also had a home visit from the head of her reception, another teacher and then on Friday her special 1-2-1 teacher is coming for a home visit.

How fab.

Is the workshops thing the norm?

OP posts:
Thomcat · 01/09/2006 21:00

Hello, you're all out there, don't ignore me!!!!!!

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 01/09/2006 21:06

They had those at dd school, sessions of about 1.5 hours over about 4 weeks and I went. Found it useful not just to meet dd tecahers and find out what she would be doing but to meet the other mums.

Thomcat · 01/09/2006 21:11

Hurray, an answer and good to know that someone knows what I'm banging on about.

OP posts:
LIZS · 01/09/2006 21:13

No we just had an evening session when the teachers went through it a week or so into term.

PanicPants · 01/09/2006 21:15

Kind of.

We have a meet the new teacher evening where parents can come in and wander around the school and chat to the teachers about the year group, expectations etc.

Blondilocks · 01/09/2006 21:16

We were invited to the sports day & LO had an afternoon in school the term before but no parents workshops.

LO loved going to the sports day. I only really spoke to one of the dads so might have got myself a reputation! lol. Although I think OH might have been there - can't really remember.

zdl · 02/09/2006 11:12

DD (2nd child) had a workshop, DS didn't (same school, go figure).

hulababy · 02/09/2006 11:17

There was a half day visit for parents and children to DD's school. It was in June. We mised it as we were away on holiday, so went in aother time instead. On that proper day the children were all taken off to play and get to know one another, etc. and th parents were given all the info they needed about starting school.

grumpyfrumpy · 02/09/2006 13:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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