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Anyone else still not decided on a school for September ?

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AngelaChill · 13/08/2006 09:05

We have a place at my eldest DD's school, a place in the local private school and I am awaiting an appeal for a closer school and still haven't made my mind up where she is going.
I actually don't want her to go anywhere, she's only just turned 4

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nikkie · 13/08/2006 11:48

Why would she not go the same school as your other dd?Would you manage 2 different school runs?

AngelaChill · 13/08/2006 12:07

Well, you'll wish you'd never asked ;) but basically she is at the nursery of the private school which we liked for reception as it's only got about 20 children but for year 1 it seems like a waste of money because the quality wasn't as good as the school DD1 is at.
Hence my dilema do I forgo the great reception teacher in the private school and put her with DD1 knowing we might only be at that school for another year, do I try something completely new altogether, option 3 or do I keep her at the same school and have 2 school runs, which would be fine.
I wish I'd never moved DD1 in the first place but that's done now.
My head is spinning

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nikkie · 13/08/2006 19:28

Why would she change in another year?
I would look at the long term school (ie up to yr2 infants /yr6 primary) unless you are planning on moving out of the area?
Practically( and as long as the school is good overall) I would send her to the same school as DD1 (I would imagine 2 runs would be difficult as schools tend to start at similar times )
Good Luck

AngelaChill · 13/08/2006 21:53

I want to move DD1 next year at the end of Yr2 and then we would have to move out of the area.
I think I'm 99.9% sure everyone should stay as they are It's just hard letting go of the place because I know if it all went pear shaped we'd never get back into that school.

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