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On PM today (5PM Radio 4) they might be discussing a proposal to not start formal education until the age of 7

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Caligula · 02/08/2006 12:57

Just thought I'd let you all know, for them as might be interested.

OP posts:
FioFio · 02/08/2006 12:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Caligula · 02/08/2006 13:00

I don't think it precludes informal education, Fio. Probably what's being proposed is what they have in most of the continent, with informal education starting between 3 and 5, but no formal stuff till 7.

OP posts:
Tortington · 02/08/2006 13:03

whats formal

and waht is informal?

do they still have the kids all day?

Iklboo · 02/08/2006 13:04

By formal do they mean curriculum & SATS?

FioFio · 02/08/2006 13:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lummox · 02/08/2006 13:08

We're in France and there is free state nursery for ayone who wants it from the age of 2. If you want to you can send them to nursery all day (8.30 - 5). Or you can send for as little as one morning a week/build up/whatever you choose basically. The activities are much like an Englsih nursery school.

There are also holiday play schemes where they have them all day for 3 euros per day.

But compulsory education doesn't start until 6. So at that stage things get more formalised in the school day, and if you choose not to send your child to school you have to satisfy the authorities that s/he is receiving a proper education.

Seems a great system to me. It's part of why we moved here.

MaryP0p1 · 02/08/2006 13:14

We're in Italy and its the same as in france but they go mornings on including Sat. They finish at 1 but you can pay for them to stay longer. Mine only stay till lunch because I finish work then too.

They don't begining learning to read and write until the year they are 7 and the I have noticed they are far more involved and interested than in UK schools. That includes the boys.

However when I say formal it is much more formal they have to stay seated for all the period they are there except for sport, music and prayer, They get an half hour break at 10.30 but if they have misbehaved they don't get it.

I have also noticed that if they are seriously disruptive to the class they are sent home and have to explain to their parents exactly why they have been sent home.

SminkoPinko · 02/08/2006 13:15

So they'd start having to sit down in year 2 instead of year 1 basically?

MaryP0p1 · 02/08/2006 15:33

Yes. My son (4) they don't teach numbers or letters unless he asks, then they keep it to the minimum.

Caligula · 02/08/2006 17:44

It's on NOW!

OP posts:
robinpud · 02/08/2006 17:55

Didn't hear it all, but it would be great. what about that fact from Toy'sR'us that at 10 kids are effectively too old for toys...

MaryP0p1 · 02/08/2006 18:07

what was the gist?

juuule · 02/08/2006 18:40

Here's the BBC report on it.

MaryP0p1 · 02/08/2006 18:55

Thanks. Whats your opinion?

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