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csmithy · 31/07/2006 12:21

I've just got round to looking in detail at the uniform list for DD's new school. I was shocked to read that "girls wear bottle ggreen gym knickers and white vests and are barefoot" for PE lessons! Does anyone else's children endure this anachronism?!

OP posts:
colditz · 31/07/2006 12:30

I remember being barefoot for PE, Ithink it's a good idea, saves time messing with trainers. You know there will always be one prat who sends their 4 year old in with a pair of £70 lace up designer running shoes when the rest of the kids are in plimmies!

mazzystar · 31/07/2006 12:32


We had to wear flaming netball skirts!

If you think she'll be more comfy in shorts, send her in shorts

charliecat · 31/07/2006 12:39

OMG, i remeber those green shorts.
First P.E day I tok off my real knickers to put the gym knickers on. Wasnt till it was time to change again I realised my mistke. Was 4. Still remeber the anguish now
Tell your dd to keep her knickers on.
Reception do bare feet P.E, 30 pairs of plimsolls to put on...dont blame them!

MrsBadger · 31/07/2006 12:46

hah, when I was in reception we did PE in our actual vests and knickers - I remember fighting to wear the My Little Pony vest on a PE day so I could show it off.

sounds v sensible to me, even if a bit dated.

flutterbee · 31/07/2006 12:50

lol @ charlie

I remember going in one day when swimming was first lesson so I wore my swimming cossie under my uniform, wasn't until after the lesson I realised I had forgotten my knickers and had to borrow some from school property.

the shame I think I was about 7 or 8

mazzystar · 31/07/2006 12:58

barefoot is probably much better for climbing on monkey bars, that getting around the room without touching the floor game and pretending to be a seed growing into a tree.

Hallgerda · 31/07/2006 14:44

My children are barefoot for some varieties of indoor PE (dance and gym) but wear trainers for outside PE and games.

cece · 31/07/2006 15:01

For health and safety reasons I teach PE (gym) in barefoot.

cece · 31/07/2006 15:02

rather the children are barefooted, I am not!

nikkie · 31/07/2006 20:31

Another barefooted school here too!(indoors at least)
They do have proper shorts and t-shirts too though.

WigWamBam · 31/07/2006 20:34

Dd's just finished Reception, and has been wearing vest and knickers for PE - which they do barefooted. They only do outdoor games/PE in Year 2. When she goes back she'll have a proper PE kit of shorts and T-shirt - but will still be barefoot.

csmithy · 01/08/2006 10:15

It wasn't so much the bare feet that I thought odd, more the gym knickers and vest.

OP posts:
beckybrastraps · 01/08/2006 10:18

Gym knickers are sort of like hotpants though aren't they? Not really knickers as such. Is it an all-girl school, or is there a different requirement for boys?

csmithy · 01/08/2006 11:26

It's a mixed school, the boys wear shorts and vests.

OP posts:
csmithy · 01/08/2006 11:59

Gym knickers are these: Grange Park

OP posts:
marialuisa · 01/08/2006 12:19

DD wears similar (navy with red stripes) but her school refers to them as shorts. She doesn't mind at all-they have traccy bottoms for outside and they have skirts to go over the top when they get to Y3.

csmithy · 01/08/2006 12:28

Bet they have t-shirts or polos though, not vests?!

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 01/08/2006 12:45

They look enough like shorts that for me it wouldn't be an issue.

I was gobsmacked when we found out that dd had to wear her ordinary knickers and vest for PE but the kids don't bat an eyelid, and if it's not a problem for them then maybe it shouldn't be for us either.

marialuisa · 01/08/2006 13:45

Yes, polo shirts with their names embroidered on them.

csmithy · 01/08/2006 14:19

Yes, I had to do PE at primary school in my undies as well, but I thought things had moved on! It's also a bit of a pain buying these things; how many places sell gym knickers?! You can pick up shorts anywhere. Also the only vests I can find are underwear nes, and if dd wears one of those, what's the point in having a different one for PE?

OP posts:
CMDarete · 26/02/2010 12:52

It's csmithy here, I forgot my login details having not posted here for years. A mention of Mumsnet on TV recently reminded me that I posted here.

In te end I got used to the PE kit. I simply bought some underwear vests from Woolworths (remember them?!) and now get them from Asda. DD was 7 when I posted this, and now, aged 10 we both seem totally used to her PE kit. My twins are now 6 and at the same school, so I've been able to use DD1's old PE kit for them (giving one the hand-me-down vests and one the gym knickers!). DD1 recently attended a taster day at a senior school and was asked to bring her PE kit with her. I think she and her friends felt they stood out a mile in their kit, amongst girls in shorts, t-shirts, jogging trousers, gym skirts, plimolls and trainers!

bruffin · 26/02/2010 13:06

this is a troll, used to appear regularly on another parenting site.

CMDarete · 26/02/2010 13:22

Eh? Who do you think I am? Where did "I" used to post?

I joined here years ago and due to various circumstances let me account lapse.

bruffin · 26/02/2010 13:48

A certain government very badly run parenting website that was a playground for school uniform fetishists.

CMDarete · 26/02/2010 13:53

I really don't know what you mean! If I'm causing some sort of offence I can only apologise, and if that's what others here at mumsnet think then I'll delete my account and not darken your door again.

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