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Has anyone got any advice for a bright 5 yr olds mum?

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lucylockett · 25/07/2006 20:48

Hi I am new to Mumsnet and am looking for some advice. DD number 4 in Yr R got a level 2a in her sats numeracy the same as dd number 3 who is in Yr 2, she also got a 2c for literacy.

I have been playing this down at home but I do realise that results like that are very good.

The school are not being very helpful, dd has been working way above the rest of her class for the whole year and has become bored and a bit too big for her boots!

has anyone got any advice?

OP posts:
flack · 25/07/2006 21:16

Why did your reception child take SATs? I thought they were only offered in Yr2 and Yr 5 or 6.

lucylockett · 25/07/2006 21:35

I have no idea, all i know is that i was called in for a meeting with her teacher. i dont know whether the whole school do these tests so they can assess the kids or whether it was just her. Either way I have a bored and frustrated child. She has been doing am in Yr1 and pm in Yr R but has stopped listening to other peoples ideas because she is always right! HELP!

OP posts:
snorkle · 25/07/2006 21:52

Message withdrawn

lucylockett · 25/07/2006 22:02

My father in law taught her how to play chess at xmas and she corrects us all now! Do you think it would be worth pursuing the school to move her up a year. I think if she was in a class where she wasnt top dog all the time she would benefit greatly and she might actually learn something. I dont want her to be turned off school so soon, they manage that all on their own later on anyway!!

OP posts:
Tommy · 25/07/2006 22:09

no advice but will be watching this thread with interest..... - my DS1 starts reception in Sept and I am a little worried he might end up like your DD.
Good luck
(FWIW - I was moved up a year in infants school and I don't seem to rememeber it having any detrimental effect on me)

snorkle · 25/07/2006 22:20

Message withdrawn

SueW · 25/07/2006 22:21

If she is moved up she may get to Y6 and find she has to repeat if a senior school won't take her. How much more bored is an 11yo likely to be? And disillusioned when their friends are allowed to continue and they are forced to stay back?

lucylockett · 26/07/2006 09:52

I have to say her class teacher is quite keen for her to be accelerated but the Head is opposed. I understand that it will be a huge decision for her and I do not particularly want her growing up any quicker than they already do. I feel that her needs will be catered for during Yr1 as she can use the Yr2 class, but what happens when she reaches Yr2?... there is nowhere for her to go. Surely if they prepare her properly during this year coming she could go up to the Juniors with the other class she has been working in where she has friends and then it wont be too traumatic!

OP posts:
SueW · 26/07/2006 10:28

In Y2 you can add an instrument to stretch her sideways.

snorkle · 26/07/2006 10:32

Message withdrawn

snorkle · 26/07/2006 10:37

Message withdrawn

Kaloo20 · 26/07/2006 10:41

If you move her up a year, emotionally she may not cope ? even if she does academically

... just a thought

cazzybabs · 26/07/2006 11:00

Have you tried some of the gifted and talented organsistaions - they might be able to suggest things. I am against children being moved up a year - it the social thing I think they find hard which does become more noticable as they get older. I would go and ask the head and year 1 teacher what provision they will make for her. She needs an IEP (they are not just for weaker children).

USAUKMum · 30/07/2006 17:28

Have you tried signing her up for "extra" classes, e.g. a language or two? Also you could have to do extra projects outside of school, or ask if her school would incorporate them in. Best to choose topics she is interested in. E.g if is in science, investigate volcanos, how they work then make a working model.

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