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From Y6 to Y7 - Any hints for making the change as stress free as possible !!

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wavejumper · 27/05/2006 15:44

The title says it all really. What do you wish you knew or had done to help with the move from big fish-small pond to small fish-big pond ? Don't want to leave things until the last minute, so wonder if I can begin to do anything now to help. TIA for your wisdom :)

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sunnydelight · 28/05/2006 18:42

In my experience the biggest change is having to be more organised - getting to the correct room at the correct time with the correct gear - making sure they have PE stuff on PE day, homework done (and in their bags!) etc. Encouraging your child to take a bit more responsibility for themselves beforehand is probably the best thing you can do to help.

Blandmum · 28/05/2006 18:44

we had a thread on this not that long ago, I'll have a search and do a link.

Blandmum · 28/05/2006 18:59

\link{\hints and tips for the switch from y6 to y7}

wavejumper · 31/05/2006 23:06

Sunnydelight you confirmed what I thought about having to be organised. Having to take responsibility for being in the right place at the right time with the right stuff will be quite a shock I think. Thanks so much for the link martianbishop, some useful stuff there to help with preparing for the change. :)

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