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No one warns you about sleepovers in Nct classes do they?

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Farmy · 01/07/2023 21:37

Semi-lighthearted. Send wine. I find sleepovers painful.

I love that my kids have pals to stay over at ours and vice versa and remember how fun it was as a kid myself…. but also I find it soooo draining.

DC are 11 and 9. Both have a had friend each over today since lunchtime and both are staying over. We’ve had a nice day but I’m shattered from the week and now from the day and all the asking for sweets, snacks, squabbling about what film to watch - nothing awful, just usual tween stuff - and reckon I’ve got an hour or so of roly-polys, giggling, chatting and twatting around in bedrooms either side of mine. I like their friends enough but geez I find my own exhausting at times let alone other people’s.

And my two will be exhausted tomorrow from the lack of sleep and older DC gets particularly grumpy and moody these days when tired. Joy. And crashing from too much sugar too no doubt.

Sleepovers when they were a bit younger we’re fine. They’d be pooped by 9:30pm and zonk out. And they didn’t chat back so much then either.

Argh. This is just an integral part of parenting right? It’s one of those things that helps you to transition into wanting them to leave home and take care of their own mess and own noise somewhere else? right?

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