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Half term

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Marycontrary1 · 30/05/2023 10:58

When did you stop making your preteen (13 in July) go for days out with their siblings?
I've booked a week off work and thought whilst the weather is nice we could have lots of days out but DD doesn't want to come with me and her siblings. She says she wants to go places with her friends.
Should I start to let her do this and me and the younger ones go out for a few hours without her?

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YoungWild · 30/05/2023 12:31

I think this is a balance. Mine are 12 (DD) and 14 (DS). We still go on days out together with my niece and nephew similar ages. However they also like to go out with friends in the evening for the football ground or into the village to hang out. I think it’s finding the balance

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 30/05/2023 18:10

I agree about finding a balance. Maybe do two or three days out and the rest of the time do things at home with the younger ones and let her go out?

Marycontrary1 · 30/05/2023 19:13

Thanks both.
Just finding it a little hard at times (lately) to find activities that suit all three due to the age gaps (almost 13, 9 and 5).

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YoungWild · 30/05/2023 21:44

You could always do half and half I guess the 9 and 5 year old could have a morning of what they want and the 13 year old could have their activity in the afternoon? Are they all girls?

Marycontrary1 · 31/05/2023 12:22

Thanks, I think I just need to look at things differently and maybe like you suggest do activities for the girls (13, 9) in the morning and then one that suits the youngest (boy) in the afternoon. Then the next day something that suits the younger two in the morning and maybe let eldest go out with friends that morning.

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