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Approaching parents

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MissJJ19 · 14/11/2022 17:36

Have you ever approached parents when your child is having problems with others?
My DD is 10 and my word no one ever tells you how much they can have disagreements and disputes but some of them are really nasty!
The 'ringleader' is very unkind and convinces all the other friends they shouldn't be friends with people she doesn't want to be friends with or has a dispute with and my daughter is currently going through this now.
The school have been great but it's still happening, not just at school but online too, she has 'Roblox time' where we allow her to use private servers to talk and play with her friends from school and monitor it however some awful things were said to her and these girls were really trying to push for a reaction. I e sent screenshots to the school who supported her and spoke to the girls however it hasn't improved, I know she is no angel girls their age
Are constantly falling out but do I try and speak to the parents?? Or is this just asking for trouble

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Neighneigh · 14/11/2022 17:43

Ah it's really hard. My eldest was on Roblox one day in lockdown when a kid started being a twat, so I said would you like me to reply (it was all via chat). So I tried to de-escalate it, but the kid ended up telling me to bugger off. So I said to my ds, right let's just not play with him any more. Eventually the mum found out via someone else & claimed my son had been rude, until I told her that it had been me replying, very much trying to calm things down, and sent her screenshots. She's not spoken to me since.

So....maybe try school again first. It is hard but maybe some distance /other friends is the way forward

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