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CurlyTop1980 · 28/08/2022 18:19

Does anyone have any good advice for a 10 year old. She has started to 'bud' and she plays a lot of sport. So I am looking for best support/padding.

Any help would be gratefully received!!!

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Passthecake30 · 30/08/2022 17:42

If it’s just breast buds, we found the crop tops from Asda pretty good.

PritiPatelsMaker · 31/08/2022 20:14

We just had crop tops for the "bud" stage too.

CurlyTop1980 · 31/08/2022 21:25

Thanks all. She is super embarrassed about it so I may take her shopping to try crop tops.

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DIYandEatCake · 01/09/2022 17:22

My 11 year old has some lightly padded crop tops/bralettes from New Look (from the adult section, not kids’). They fit snugly and give some cushioning which she likes.

Mumoftoomanygirls · 02/09/2022 22:59

I remember being extremely embarrassed and mortified with my M showing me my first bra walking home from school when I was 9. By high school I wore the same white (disgusting black) T-shirt to try and hide the fact I had a bra on. I’ve made a point of mixing up vests, crop tops, razor back tops and bras for a couple of years and not make a big deal of it. I’ve also openly talked about breasts as naturally as possible with my DDs as the truth is they are probably fucked in the breast department, I’m a HH and I come from a very long line of massive boobed women. My oldest DD (10) is very sporty too and gets embarrassed easily which is why I’ve tried to make it natural for her to put a bra on when the time comes.

I also had brothers and didn’t have sports bras, I was tortured growing up, I won’t even go into my nicknames, but I’ve made a point with my DDs to make sure they know having breasts is nothing to be embarrassed about and they can do any sport they want.

CurlyTop1980 · 03/09/2022 10:52

Thanks so much. Yeah I'm big boobed too! We have a lot of open conversations about body parts and safety as well as development. I was SA as a child so I'm quite paranoid about making sure all my children are conscious about thier bodies. Thanks all.

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