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School bag for secondary

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DrCoconut · 07/08/2022 12:37

What bags do people's year 7s have? DS is not at all bothered about fashion and labels at the moment but I know how vicious secondary school can be for kids who have "wrong" items and I want him to fit in, preferably without it costing a fortune. If he later finds his crowd and decides to just do him and buy something else fine but initially what would be a good neutral sort of option?

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clpsmum · 07/08/2022 12:51

Both of mind have just had plain black rucksacks that said vans on it in white lettering

clpsmum · 07/08/2022 12:51

They are very very common!

clpsmum · 07/08/2022 12:51

The bags not the kids haha

Logoplanter · 07/08/2022 13:10

That sounds just like my DS who is going into year 7 too.

He's just got a grey under armour bag. I've no idea if it's socially acceptable but as it's a sports brand I'm hoping so. I wanted to make sure it was big enough to fit his stuff in and the information suggested it was pretty waterproof which I think he'll need as he'll be walking to school. It's also got lots of pockets including one at the bottom which he can put trainers in which should be useful. I thought the grey might help him recognise his as the majority definitely seem to be all black.

teennmum · 27/03/2023 18:33

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NewLeafAgain · 12/07/2023 09:08

My kids school is heavily Smiggle based, and quite a few of the Smiggle Giggle which are a bit cheaper I think? Pom poms seem to be a big accessory too.

Obv ideally everyone should just be themselves and ignore what other people think/like but it's a tough balance especially for a shy kid just figuring it all out. Most adults get swept up in keeping up with the Joneses too.
My 2 older girls actually like bucking the trend, the youngest dosent.

JazbayGrapes · 17/07/2023 12:57

Let him pick the bag he wants

SpecialOnes · 17/07/2023 13:01

Ds had a Slazenger bag for year 7&8 and then had an Adidas bag that he'll have again in y11. The best thing about both of these is the different compartments to really help with the organisation - highly recommend!

School bag for secondary
School bag for secondary
XelaM · 27/07/2023 10:42

Black Nike rucksack. Many kids (including my daughter) have those

LadyDanburysHat · 27/07/2023 10:44

It does depend on the school, but black Nike backpacks around here mostly.

Jellycats4life · 27/07/2023 10:45

I bet boys have an easier ride when it comes to things like “cool” school bags. A sports brand in black is pretty failsafe, I reckon!

Crazycrazylady · 28/07/2023 23:29

Our kids like 'jan sport' . They last for ever.

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