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How good are Modi Bodi period pants for fairly heavy flow?

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OrangeBlossomsinthesun · 07/08/2022 12:08


My 11 year old started her periods a couple of months ago and is now on period 4 I think. She actually started just before her 11th birthday so still a young 11. But this most recent period seems quite heavy. I bought her 2 packs of the Primark period pants to see if she[d get on OK with the concept but she seems to be bleeding through/leaking quite quickly. For night time I got her to wear a night time pad as well and it was quite heavily soiled.
The Primark ones claim on the label to be heavy flow, but aren´t cutting the mustard. Is it worth getting the Modi Bodi ones? They´re a LOT more expensive so don´t want to end up with them being no good.
Have recently ordered a Modi Bodi bikini bottom (we live in a warm country and swim a lot) but wondering now if it´s not going to be much use except on very light days at the end of her period.

OP posts:
Snowdropsarelovely · 07/08/2022 12:14

The modi body ones for heavy flow are considerably better than primark ones. As you say very expensive but for my DD worth it. I think she has the heavy / overnight ones

OrangeBlossomsinthesun · 07/08/2022 12:19

Did you get the RED teen ones? She´s tall and sturdy for her age (wear age 13 clothes especially in trousers, has wide hips). I ordered the 14-16 bikini bottoms based on her hip measurement but they haven´t arrived yet.

OP posts:
OrangeBlossomsinthesun · 07/08/2022 12:21

Also, do you mean she wears the overnight ones all the time or just that she uses the special overnight ones at night?

OP posts:
Snowdropsarelovely · 07/08/2022 12:48

Hi, no we didn't bother with the teen ones. She's a size 6 to 8 so the adult ones fitted fine and she chooses to wear the overnight ones during the day.

Her flow seems quite heavy and especially for school they give her the reassurance that she isn't going to leak. She also tried the Primark ones and she might use them at the end of her period, or if she's not sure whether or not she's going to start but they really aren't very absorbent. I wish they have been around when I was a teenager!

greyinganddecaying · 07/08/2022 13:05

The best ones for heavy flow are the full briefs for overnight protection IME.
Possibly not the most appealing for a teen, but they do the job

OrangeBlossomsinthesun · 07/08/2022 13:08

Do you think it´s worth getting 2 of the overnight ones and just trying them? That would be €60 rather than the €160 a bundle of pants would cost. Maybe I should get 2 overnight ones and then just buy two or three of the normal ones but for heavy flow?

OP posts:
DaisyWaldron · 07/08/2022 13:13

I have the sort of full-on perimenopausal flooding that means I sometimes bleed through a super tampon/pad combo in 4 hours and have to get up in the middle of night to change sanpro, and the heavy and 24 hour Modibodi pants both get me through the night, and easily through the day. I bought one pair in a different style which gaped at the sides and leaked as a result, but all the ones I have in the high-waisted lacy style are the most effective and comfortable sanitary protection I've ever had.

littlefaith · 09/08/2022 08:36

Wuka are good too - pricey like Modibodi but often have voucher codes.

OrangeBlossomsinthesun · 09/08/2022 09:01

I'm in the EU, I don't think Wuka send to the EU?

OP posts:
littlefaith · 15/08/2022 09:29

Sorry, a bit late so you might miss this but what I would advise is the heaviest flow pants do take a while to dry - I don't have a dryer but I'm not sure if they can be tumble dried? Outside they dry okay on a hot or blustery day, but can take a while so turnaround time could be a while depending on how you're planning on drying.

I just made a massive investment in pants for the peace of mind that she would get through the school day without leaks. Thankfully my DD is older and has stopped growing so it's not quite as bad - but they do add up! We also have Primark, Sainsbury's and M&S. In fact, Marks might have a special on period pants currently if you have a Sparks card (I know you said you were in the EU but I think they'll deliver?). Invest in ModiBodi for heavy days and use other brands for medium, lighter days. It's awful when they're so young - I do feel for them.

littlefaith · 15/08/2022 09:32

Oh, and the ModiBodi/Wuka are much better than the high street brands (even heavy) but as I said above, we just use the posher pants for heaver days.

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