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I can’t cope with the tantrums!

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WhenIsEnough · 17/07/2022 21:27

My pre-teen (12) swears at me, refuses to go to bed and threatens to not go to school. It’s never ending. Any advice?

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MuffinMcLayLikeABundleOfHay · 17/07/2022 21:35

Pick your battles.
Don't worry about things that don't matter.

Make sure you don't put yourself at the bottom of the family priority list/hierarchy.

Try to reconnect with them. Find something you can do together.

Driving or walking is a good place to talk as you aren't looking at each other.

WhenIsEnough · 17/07/2022 22:00

Thank you. I am finding it very hard to cope.

OP posts:
Hotenoughtoburnasausage · 17/07/2022 22:03

Lack of respect has repercussions.. WiFi is switched off here. Phones don't get topped up and my purse stays shut..
Suggest fines for non attendance will come from pocket money or dc's savings.

MuffinMcLayLikeABundleOfHay · 17/07/2022 22:23

Yes, I use Wi-Fi as currency too. Grin

Presuming you are in the UK, then it's either already the holidays or it's the holidays very soon so I'd forget trying to have a bedtime.

Hotenoughtoburnasausage · 18/07/2022 12:53

Dd 15 has recently refused a few days at school.. So today she is holed up in the school library all day catching up!! I am getting begging messages to go save her!!
Aibu to be a bit smug??

LadyKenya · 18/07/2022 13:13

I would not tolerate any child swearing at me. They have to learn that bad behaviour will not get them what they want.

Saragossa · 18/07/2022 13:19

Start by getting a lot tougher. No way would I put up with a child swearing at me.
Remind her who pays for her food, her clothing, her entertainment.
Stop doing her washing, let her cook for herself until she learns to speak respectfully.

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