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1st period then nothing 2 months later

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bro101 · 03/07/2022 13:59

Is this normal? She's worn a pad every single day since. Waste of pads I know but she's worried it may start when she's at school.


OP posts:
Bellyups · 03/07/2022 14:02

Dd had her first then nothing for 6 months, then very irregularly for years.

isthatwhatyoureallywanted · 03/07/2022 14:04

I was expecting it to be like that for DD but bang on 28 days after getting her first period, she got her second

Cas112 · 03/07/2022 14:04

Yes, a period is not expected to regulate straight away

perenniallymessy · 03/07/2022 14:08

Could you invest in some period knickers for her? Much more comfy than wearing a pad all the time.

Primark and M&S do reasonably priced period knickers and they are great as a 'just in case' option.

Then she could have a little pouch with an extra couple of pads in her bag and/or locker?

bro101 · 03/07/2022 17:05

Thanks all. Just thinking to myself" what if it wasn't a period?" I'll look at those nickers. Thank you.

OP posts:
KangarooKenny · 03/07/2022 17:07

Yes, normal.

Feelingsillyandgiddy · 03/07/2022 17:22

Completely normal

dameofdilemma · 05/07/2022 14:56

Normal to be irregular, particularly in the first year. According to dd's GP, cycles are anovulatory ie the body isn't ovulating monthly yet, so cycles are irregular.

Dd unfortunately has had three periods in a row only 2-3 weeks apart. She's only just 10. Every day out takes planning, sanpro in a handbag and panty liners these days...

Onehappymam · 05/07/2022 14:59

My DD got her period in Feb, then nothing til June. Completely normal to be irregular when they're young.

cantheydothisreally · 05/07/2022 15:03

Seems normal to me

Perhaps a pant liner rather than a pad would be better?

They can a little while to settle into a routine

wingingit33 · 11/07/2022 20:55

My dd is still wildly irregular 18 months after starting (18-50 day cycles). She wears modibodi knickers to school from around day 20 just in case. She hates pads so they're great. Paediatric endocrinologist has done blood tests and scans on her to rule out pcos and just said it can take up to six years for some girls to regulate and even then some never do.

FatFilledTrottyPuss · 11/07/2022 21:02

My DD had 3 periods in a row, about 5 weeks apart then nothing for another year, then 1 period and now nothing for 6 months. I’m assuming it’s normal as she’s just 11.

FairyCakeSprinkles · 11/07/2022 21:06

My DD was only 9 when she started her periods. She's had four in a year. My understanding is there's no such this as 'abnormal' for the first few years in the absence of any other symptoms.

Agree the modibodi pants are great. Eye wateringly expense but very good. I have a referral code for £15 if you do decide to get some.

hornchurchmum · 14/07/2022 19:37

Same here, my DD is 11 and started in Jan when she was 10. They have been all over the place… sometimes a 2 week gap and sometimes a 7 week gap… I asked the GP and it’s competely normal. Annoying! But normal :) HTH

XelaM · 24/07/2022 09:03

Oh, I was going to ask the same! My 12-year-old had her first nearly two months ago and nothing since.

clipclop5 · 01/08/2022 13:17

DD had her first at 14 and then nothing for almost another year. It took until she was 17 for things to become regular

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