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Skincare for 12 year old with acne

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MotherOfMonkeys0 · 15/04/2022 20:32

My gorgeous 12 yo DD has acne and what seems to be combination skin. Her acne is mostly around her eyebrows/mid forehead and below her nose. The skin there gets dry and itchy, but her forehead and cheeks appear greasy. I don't want to meddle too much or give her a complex, just looking for recommendations for easy and gentle skin care products. At the moment she uses Body Shop tea tree face wash or the Witch Hazel one morning and night, with either Body Shop aloe vera face cream or Clearasil moisturiser. TIA.

OP posts:
Bunnybingesoneggs · 15/04/2022 20:34

My dd's quite awful skin has become glowing and clear recently.. She fessed up she has been using my asda own brand vitamin c serum.

IggyAce · 15/04/2022 20:36

La Roche posay, however do consider speaking with your GP.

Tabitha789 · 15/04/2022 21:09

The body shop which hazel will just dry her skin out, producing more oils. She needs to be using moisturiser as well.

Clarins has a teenage range which is amazing!!! Take her to a counter and ask for help with my Clarins xx

IAMGE · 15/04/2022 21:10

I agree clarins. But you might find a boots own brand works just as well.
This is hormones and diet in the main and if she is eating healthily. Bad acne see the GP

Fcuk38 · 15/04/2022 21:12

Tea tree oil neat. Solved my hormonal acne. Test though some people react to it. I however can layer it on no problem 🤣🤣

MotherOfMonkeys0 · 15/04/2022 21:22

Thank you all. I am tempted by the Asda own brand! 😂
I didn't realise witch hazel would dry it out, I was just thinking about keeping it infection free. She does use Aloe or Clearsil moisturiser as well.
I will look in to the La Roche posay and Clarins range.
It's nowhere near bad enough for gp yet.
Thanks all.

OP posts:
WingBingo · 15/04/2022 21:27

GP will still help. No need to suffer when there are prescription topical creams that are very effective.

nutellingyou · 15/04/2022 21:31

Mine got something from the GP which helped. We mentioned it when there for something else and were given a prescription straight away.

Changingmynameyetagain · 15/04/2022 21:35

Does she wear makeup?

Snowdropsarelovely · 15/04/2022 21:39


Mine got something from the GP which helped. We mentioned it when there for something else and were given a prescription straight away.

Can you remember what it was? I'm wondering if the time has come to consult the doctor over my teen's acne
Changingmynameyetagain · 15/04/2022 21:42

Prescription creams tend to be either Acnecide, Epiduo, Duac or Differin.

DoorLion · 15/04/2022 21:50

You can ask the pharmacist rather than go to the GP- my 14 year old has v similar acne and when the wipes he was using didn’t seem to do much I just asked behind the counter at Boots and they recommended a face wash, gel and moisturiser which seem to be making a difference.

SausagePourHomme · 15/04/2022 21:58

you can buy acnecide 5% from chemists, I wouldn't recommend anything other than this or another 5% benzoyl peroxide.

The key is to start using a small amount and massage it in very slowly and thoroughly each day.

This cured my acne (which I had from 14 to 29).

YOu will get a lot of recommendations for other products but this one is the gold standard.

Nanalisa60 · 15/04/2022 22:34

One other thing to do is put on a clean pillow case every day or every other day. Clean towels and face cloths not ones other people have been using. Also try keep hair tied back off the face at night. And agree after cleansing you need some kind of moisturiser on face.

astoundedgoat · 15/04/2022 22:44

Following this as my 13 year old is getting a bit spotty!

stormsurfer · 15/04/2022 23:21

My daughters skin improved hugely with Bravura products. There are different one but she uses the first cleanse oil and the foaming gel cleanser.

And yes, a clean pillowcase every night.

LynetteScavo · 16/04/2022 16:36

Try Acnecide (available off the shelf in boots / sainsburys etc) apparently it used to be prescription only, and I read in MN it's what GPS suggest before prescribing.

It worked wonders on DDs skin- from spotty to flawless in days. I wish I'd known about if for DS, and he found the GP prescribed creams too harsh, and chose to be spotty instead.

Mojitomogul · 16/04/2022 16:44

Cerave hydrating cleanser or cetaphil cleanser, both very mild, then witch hazel gel dabbed on the spottier areas. The vitamin E range from superdrug has very mild moisturisers that are gentle but hydrating.

quince2figs · 16/04/2022 17:00

Glossier skincare has really helped my teen, after standard harsh acne- style products stripped her skin and just seemed to produce more oil - and made it sore.
These have cleared skin mostly, and feel nice enough to encourage her to use them. V v economical as all have pump dispensers.

wingingit33 · 16/04/2022 17:46

My nearly 12 year old is now on erythromycin as prescribed by dermatologist.

wingingit33 · 16/04/2022 17:48

Should add her acne is very mild.

BreakfastClub80 · 26/04/2022 17:42

My dd was prescribed Duac by the GP, it’s out of stock at the moment so waiting for advice on an alternative. She’d tried lots of other things. That’s the difficulty really, there’s a lot of trial and error and it can be demoralising.

WowOoo · 26/04/2022 17:48

Just came on to say that the Acnecide spot treatment from Boots has made a fab difference to son's skin. He's put it on his massive spots and they are already better. Thanks for recommendations!

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