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11 year old DD - Clear mucus

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Baconking · 09/04/2022 11:47

My DD has told me this morning that there was clear mucus when she wiped after a wee this morning. She hasn't yet started her periods.

I get a clear mucus around ovulation so does this mean she might be getting her first period in a couple of weeks?

Any advice how best to prepare. I'm especially worried she may start at school. Should she start wearing a panty liner just in case?

Thanks in advance!

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Baconking · 09/04/2022 12:12

I've since done a little further reading and it seems this is normal for even a year before periods.

I don't remember anything from my puberty over 30 years ago!

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Heather3308 · 10/04/2022 00:16
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