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10 yo wants fitness tracker but I have data privacy concerns!

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ZucchiniPie · 22/03/2022 13:07

DS (age 10) is desperate for a smartwatch or fitness tracker, which I wasn't wild about because of not wanting to give away personal health data to some big corporation. He went on about it for so long, I agreed to buy a Xiaomi Band 6 as one of his friends has it. But now it's arrived, it's clear that - because it can't even be switched on without the app that first of all demands access to contacts, photos, you name it - I'd just be signing up to have my phone data hoovered up.

I tried creating a new Apple ID on an old phone which doesn't have a SIM in it anymore but that wouldn't make the Band switch on. So the thing is now languishing in its box and I'm refusing to proceed with it until I know more about it - much to DS's frustration!

Does anyone have any recommendations for smartwatches or fitness trackers that can be operated without everything going up to the cloud somewhere?

I know it sounds paranoid of me but if we end up one day with no NHS and all my son's health information has been sold by the company that recorded it, and then he can't get health insurance, that would not be good...

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ZucchiniPie · 22/03/2022 13:08

Have copied this to the AIBU thread as realised that might be a better home for it!

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