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Teenager suffering with mood swings and divorcing parents

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XxDog8 · 19/02/2022 13:29

I am besides myself with what to do ….
My DD was always my shadow growing up and then the hormones kicked in and I lost that bond.
I have gritted my teeth and hung on in their as I love her unconditionally as you do!
We have a good relationship when she wants to but if she’s in a mood the respect and friendship is non existent 🙈
I constantly try to understand her feelings as she suffers with anxiety and I 100% want to be there for her.
We mov d out of our family home 6 months ago with her DS too and settled in ok after a toxic relationship with their dad.
I am trying to play both parents as he messed with their heads and islolated himself from any father daughter relationship- all grown up 16-18-20 so old enough to make up their own minds.
Now the divorce is going through and going to court he has decided to play immaculate parent offering driving lessons etc even though youngest is 16 - in my eyes buying their attention rather than earning it and building the bridges he created with them.
Now I am scared whitless I am going to lose my DD as she is taken n by these dangling carrots and I feel she will chose between us .
Her moods have vamped up dramatically these last few weeks and I feel he maybe the course but she won’t speak to me.
I am biting my tongue to disrespect him in front of her and trying to be there for her.
I am so scared he will pull her away from me 😢

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TalkToTheHand123 · 20/02/2022 13:47

What's her age and what do you two disagree on?

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