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Boys party clothes

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Onceuponatimethen · 26/11/2021 17:50

My year 6 ds has school Christmas party next week. They are allowed to take own outfit from home to change into for the party.

Normally he likes sweat pants and hoodies so we have nothing in that would be party ready. He’s shy and not sure what to bring. Also with covid we haven’t really been out out anywhere for a while.

What would be appropriate and non-embarrassing for a tween xmas party? Jeans and t shirt? Something else?

What does everyone think?

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Onceuponatimethen · 26/11/2021 17:53


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Onceuponatimethen · 26/11/2021 18:32


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Mandy63l · 28/11/2021 14:48

I don’t have a DS, but my DD is just a year younger than your son.

Things were very up in the air last year with school parties and things, but the last one she went to in primary school the boys were in a mixture of tracksuits/shorts and t-shirt mostly, with a couple wearing smarter jeans and either t-shirt/shirt/sweater. One lad went a bit flamboyant and had a proper shirt and tie with his jeans!

I’d say whatever your DS is comfortable in won’t look out of place, there’s bound to be others wearing something similar. Even the girls it was a real mixed bag, I’d say the majority we’re a bit more dressed up with dresses/skirt and top/jeans and top, but some were in tracksuits or leggings etc.

Onceuponatimethen · 28/11/2021 16:39

Thanks so much for the answer @Mandy63l That really helps.

I’ve literally been sat here this afternoon with dp stressing about what he should wear. He’s been excluded a bit lately by some lads in his class so I don’t want to put him in something wrong.

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Underthestairsbears · 28/11/2021 16:46

My DS is the same age. At these things there is usually a mixture of jeans and hoodies and trackies and hoodies. It's getting harder and harder to get DS in jeans tbh. He has some elastic waisted soft jeans from Next and some nicer hoodies for slightly smarter occasions, or some of the smarter crew neck long sleeve plain tops with the stag emblem also from Next.
I also bought him camo trackies so it looks less sporty.

LockingJay · 28/11/2021 16:50

I teach Year 6. Boys come in whatever they are comfortable. Tracksuit, jeans, T-shirts, really I have seen it all and all seems fine! Girls on the other hand…..

Comedycook · 28/11/2021 16:53

At that age my Ds and most of his friends would have worn slim fit black joggers...and a t-shirt and hoodie...Nike was the favoured brand!

Underthestairsbears · 28/11/2021 16:53

😂 @LockingJay

Yellowcar2 · 28/11/2021 16:59

Just bought my yr 6 son some nice jeans and tartan shirt from next. Looks great not overly smart but definitely more smart than normal.

GroggyLegs · 28/11/2021 17:01

My DS likes looking smart & is usually the smartest kid at the party in slim jeans & a collared t-shirt! Anything goes IME.

Second the jogger jeans from next, they look great & they're soft & stretchy.

Onceuponatimethen · 28/11/2021 17:02

Thank you ladies - you are so kind to reply. So so helpful to hear all this

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RavenT · 28/11/2021 17:03

Jogger jeans from next, slim fit, and t shirt of their choice with hoodie and trainers. Smile

RavenT · 28/11/2021 17:04

I just thirded the jogger jeans! Grin

Onceuponatimethen · 28/11/2021 17:13

Excellent thank you - I’m on next now Grin

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Duxiejhrhrvjz · 28/11/2021 17:13

A “smart” outfit for my DS12 at the minute is jeans, plain white tshirt with a over-shirt open. There are quite a few nice, thick shirts about in the shops at the minute.

Underthestairsbears · 28/11/2021 19:56

These are the jeans DS will consent to wearing... Smart but soft and comfy

justanothermanicmonday21 · 04/12/2021 12:49

Zara or next jeans, a cool t shirt and funky sweatshirt for anything smarter here.

BertieBotts · 04/12/2021 12:59

It wouldn't occur to me to send him in special clothes! Joggers and a hoodie is fine :)

Onceuponatimethen · 04/12/2021 13:30

@BertieBotts me neither but they have been told to take clothes to change into!

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 04/12/2021 20:12

Well yes but surely that's just because they'll be in school uniform otherwise?

BertieBotts · 04/12/2021 20:12

Or is it a non uniform school?

LadyCatStark · 04/12/2021 20:48

Ds (12) is also a fan of the open shirt with white tshirt underneath look with jeans and Vans high tops. Or he could wear a Christmas jumper if he is one?

LadyCatStark · 04/12/2021 20:48

*has obviously he is not a Christmas jumper 🙈

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