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Extra curricular activities

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ohmyohmy123 · 28/10/2021 13:41

My ds12 does the following:

Monday - nothing
Tuesday - jujitsu and tennis
Wednesday - jujitsu and goalkeeping
Thursday - jujitsu
Friday - nothing
Saturday - jujitsu and football

He is in year 8 so at least 30 mins of homework every evening too.

I'm trying to get him to give something up as he's always tired - but he won't. He was crying after jujitsu last night because he'd had a bit of a beating and was too sore for goalkeeping. I've told him he's not doing the Wednesday jujitsu anymore as it's too much.

I wondered if anyone else's child does a lot and do they eat certain things to help etc or are they just high energy?

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