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OCD type intrusive thoughts/ 12 year old

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DinkyDaisy · 15/09/2021 17:37

I have a 12 year old who is moving from one obsession to another.
Mostly harmless seeming.
However, his recent intrusive thoughts are upsetting him and unsettling me.
I have sought advice and have been recommended cbd books aimed at his age group. He is going through one with me and we are slowly getting there I think.
I think it will be a long process and I realise that these obsessive tendencies are part of him and are unlikely to go away fully.
Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of issue?
It has been/ is draining for both of us...

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singlemum43 · 15/09/2021 22:01

I am sorry to hear your child is going through this op, it’s tough and it’s hard for parents too, I totally sympathise and feel your pain my 12 year old DS has been battling OCD for over a year, his rituals are consuming at times some days are better than others but it’s so upsetting to see him suffer I’m a single parent and feel overwhelmed by it some days. We were referred to CAMHS but the virtual sessions didn’t really help, he needs face to face. We work on CBT at home, we practice reducing the compulsions and setting with the discomfort but that’s so hard to ask a 12 year to do. I use do use distraction techniques but that doesn’t always work. What books are you using for CBT OP?

DinkyDaisy · 15/09/2021 22:09

Thank you for your reply.
We are at early stages of attempting to unravel the complexities of his thoughts.
The book recommended to us is: Stand up to OCD by Kelly Wood and Douglas Fletcher.
It is the intrusive thoughts that are so unsettling for him and me when he 'confesses' to his thoughts.
So much going on. Not wanting to grow up, feelings that when expressed seem wildly inappropriate, what ifs etc. Mind spiralling.
This book seems good. Lots of pictures and the ocd portrayed as a troll.
Aimed at 12-16 . I am going through book with him. Lots of pictures,

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helpforayounggirl · 15/09/2021 22:09

I watched a programme called The House of Obsessive Compulsives. It's online. Therapists from the Maudsley Hospital. It might help?

lovescaca · 15/09/2021 22:12

Inside out is amazing flim

DinkyDaisy · 15/09/2021 22:13

I too am trying distraction!
Desperately trying to get onto safer territory...
The book has helped calm us both down and he is trying to see the intrusive thoughts as 'nonsense' thoughts, not real and not making him a bad person.
Early days and a wake up call to me as a parent...

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DinkyDaisy · 15/09/2021 22:15

Thank you. I think a rewatch of Inside out would be good. Very young when film came out.
Will look at The house of obsessive compulsives myself...

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bethabean · 15/09/2021 22:21

I sympathise and feel awful for him as I have the same problem and it can be really scary to have such thoughts. I know it may seem unsettling to you, but I'm so happy to see that you're understanding and helping him through it.

For me, I have to take medication and had CBT therapy which helped a lot. It's so hard to distinguish intrusive thoughts from real thoughts, but with research and practising methods to recognise and accept the thoughts it becomes easier.

There is an Instagram page called OCD Doodles which helped me a lot! I have their posts printed out and on a cork board for me to look at on bad days.

bethabean · 15/09/2021 22:27

maybe these can help your son and youSmile

OCD type intrusive thoughts/ 12 year old
OCD type intrusive thoughts/ 12 year old
OCD type intrusive thoughts/ 12 year old
DinkyDaisy · 15/09/2021 22:29

Thank you bethabean

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isittimetogotobed · 15/09/2021 22:31

We went to CAMHS, were revered by the GP and I called all the time to change it as urgent. They got given fluoxetine and it changed our lives. He was able to start ERT and never looked back.

DinkyDaisy · 19/09/2021 19:14

Touchwood, things have dialled down a lot over the week.
I am aware not over and likely never will be.
Thank you again for all the advice and the posters etc.
I am keeping a very close eye and he is talking to me.
This has been a wake-up call for me around my youngest child...

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