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Online friend

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Twinmum8080 · 25/08/2021 20:19

Hi, so my daughter has a friend who she plays with on Roblox, sometimes the girl can be unkind and my daughter gets very upset. Today the girl said she didn't want to be friends with her anymore. My daughter was distraught, shaking and crying. I blocked this girl and told my daughter to forget her and we sat watching TV for a while hugging etc. Then after an hour she went upstairs, unblocked her and rang her. The girl said sorry apparently, my daughter is obsessed with chatting with her. I said it's her last chance. We are so concerned about her, what would you do? Give it one more chance or?? She behaves like its life or death.

OP posts:
nimbuscloud · 25/08/2021 20:21

I’d block her
Then I’d make sure that your daughter has plenty of non-online activities to keep her busy

DominicRaabsTravelAgent · 25/08/2021 22:35

How did she unblock her? How old is your DD?

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