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Deodorant Recommendations

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thismeansnothing · 29/06/2021 18:49

My 9 year old DD has just come out of her dance class and not for the first time, whiffs a bit.

We've spoken about it being important to make sure you wash yourself properly and keep yourself and clothes clean and growing up/hormones and how we might start to smell.

I want to get her a deodorant but not sure what to get?! I'm a right sweaty moo and use industrial strength anti perspirant which is a route I don't want to go down with her. So can anyone recommend something more natural that isn't going to break the bank?

OP posts:
BunnyRuddington · 29/06/2021 20:06

If it's just normal levels if seat how about Sanex? I soon found out that my DD needed Mitchum though.

OhBiscuits · 29/06/2021 20:08

I love Sanex, I find it very gentle, smells fresh but not overpowering and really works

FadedRed · 29/06/2021 20:19

Or a solid block one because they are so easy to use, not cold/wet like the sprays and roll-ones can be.

thismeansnothing · 29/06/2021 21:51

Never heard of it but PitRok looks more like it . Thanks for the recommendation 👍

OP posts:
AlandAnna · 02/07/2021 20:02

After trial and error the solid block ones are a winner here

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