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Fussy eater

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ange08 · 07/06/2021 20:41

Does anyone else have a fussy eater to the point where you have to cook separate dinners if so any advice ?

OP posts:
TheDukeissoHot1 · 08/06/2021 20:46

I’m not much help but can completely sympathise! My DS(10) is extremely fussy & has a very limited range of acceptable foods. I can’t convince him to have even a tiny taste of anything new. Most nights he eats chicken nuggets and pasta because that’s virtually all he will eat.

I waver between cooking just the one meal & saying tough (done that many times over the years & all that happens is he doesn’t eat for days & is then crying with hunger) or just giving him the bloody nuggets because at least he’ll have eaten something.

I don’t know what is the best approach, thought we’d have long outgrown this issue by now!

adhdpunchbag · 09/06/2021 18:11

Me. No advice though. It's just the two of us though and I just cook separately.

PaperMonster · 12/06/2021 18:52

There’s three of us and we often have different meals as we have different needs/likes. I won’t have my daughter referred to as fussy purely because she likes different things to us - my OH objects to anyone calling him fussy!

Glitterblue · 09/08/2021 01:40

I tend to make and freeze portions of things that she does like - bolognese, chicken casserole, curry - and other days will do chicken dippers or a mini pizza with salad. DH and I are trying to do slimming world and she doesn't like a lot of the meals.

flipflopson5thavenue · 23/08/2021 17:01

I do but we don’t make separate meals, but we have a lot of ‘deconstructed’ meals where everyone can find a food they like and can take part in the daily meal. I can recommend Kids Eat in Colour on Instagram/FB for lots of tips on picky eating.

HelenaCrimson · 21/02/2022 15:00

I've got 4 children, 3 of whom are fussy eaters!
My advice would be
a) make the meal a buffet style with the food served in the middle of the table
b) don't actively offer food to your child, i.e. don't ask them "would you like some X?"
c) make sure everyone eats together
d) everyone serves themselves
e) feed yourself first, and start eating.

Don't worry about your child they'll get the message

Another trick, get them to come to the table when the food is put out but don't let them start straight away. Allow everyone else to join and start together. Let the juices start flowing.

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