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Big child

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emmxO · 06/05/2021 17:23

Ok this might be long so I apologise.

My son is 'big' he is 7, will be 8 in the summer for many year I have had concerns over his size. At 3 and a half he was referred to a dietitian she was happy with his diet but felt he needed to move more, he went to football training but did not fit in very well and was left out of matches due to his lack of ability, this also made him hungrier so after 6 months when he returned to the dietitian she was unhappy he had gained further weight. I raised concerns around his hunger levels and felt there was potentially more to his hunger which was basically ignored.

He has had genetic testing due to seizures and I am aware there are parts of his DNA incomplete but not entirely sure which parts these are as at the time it wasn't associated with his seizures and the consultant said there wasn't enough known about these but it was noted.

He has struggled with taking food since his experience with the dietitian he will often take food without my knowledge and hide the evidence this has been ongoing for year, I eventually asked the GP for help who has referred us to paediatrics. Today they have called and spoke over my concerns they have again caught onto his weight and feel he needs to see a dietitian, my concern is he is big all over and what he eats is not causing this imo.

He is tall over 140cm, his head is larger than normal at over 57cm, his feet are an adult size 7. What he eats or does not eat would not cause these enlargements surely? What I would like to know is there anything I can specifically ask to be ruled out or testing to be carried out? I'm worried for him but very reluctant to go back to see a dietitian following our previous experience.

Thank you, so sorry it's so long but I have hospital with him tomorrow for him to be assessed and I'd like to sway conversation away from dietitian.

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DinosaurDiana · 06/05/2021 17:25

Has he seen a geneticist ?

Fruityfriday · 06/05/2021 17:25

What does he typically eat? Does he eat child size portions?

emmxO · 06/05/2021 17:31

He has had no follow up to the genetic testing so not seen a genetic, I asked today on his telephone consultation for the result to be looked at to see if it may play a role in his hunger/size.

Typically he will have cereal for breakfast, a yogurt/fruit if he's still hungry, lunch is typically a sandwich/wrap as he's at school with ham crisps and fruit, dinner is a verity of things last night small sausages some chips and baked beans. Everything is still served on a small plastic plate. Snacks vary normally two max but a small bag of biscuits, yogurt, chopped cheese cubes or fruit.

I have two other children who eat the same if not more than him and he is noticeably larger.

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